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Old 25-08-2011
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ST380215A Barracuda has a wrong size in the firmware version number

It was happened following capacity failure. It had lost partition and looked like:


And then it had got a unusual capacity 5Gb. Following all it still working and I utilized R-studio to recovery some records from it. R-studio retrived a registries tree and the index names but restoring wasn't successful by mistake code 801: "Error code 801 denotes that this record augments past the allotment it dwells on. Possibly you have chosen a wrong distinguished segment following sweep, or quite great information misfortune on the allotment."

What ought to i do not with standing? I suppose I am able to edit firmware, but I could not identify it on the Seagate web page. I joined a screenshot to be more understandable.
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Old 25-08-2011
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re: ST380215A Barracuda has a wrong size in the firmware version number

Short version: Try removing and reseating the IDE cable.

Long version:

Your drive's model number and firmware version are being incorrectly detected. This explains why the capacity is also being incorrectly reported.

You can use Debug in a DOS window to compare the good and bad data (output edited for clarity).//
Your drive's display number and firmware form tend to be inaccurately caught. This demonstrates why the limit is moreover being mistakenly reported.

You could probably utilize Debug in a DOS window to analyze the exceptional and regretful information :


-e 100 "CT#8_2!5A"
-e 110 "ST380215A"
-e 120 "#.AAD"
-e 130 "3.AAD"
-d 100 13f
12EB:0100 43 54 23 38 20 32 21 35 41 ... CT#8 2!5A
12EB:0110 53 54 33 38 30 32 31 35 41 ... ST380215A

12EB:0120 23 2E 41 41 44 ... #.AAD
12EB:0130 33 2E 41 41 44 ... 3.AAD

This suggests that you may have a problem with pin #12 of the IDE cable, or pin #12 in the IDE connectors at either end.
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