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Thread: Where I will switch my laptop hard disk?

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    Where I will switch my laptop hard disk?

    Last month I had bought a HP laptop. I have stored plenty of movies, songs and important document files because of this my laptop always displaying the message less memory. So now I decided to upgrade my laptop hard disk. Currently my hard disk is around 250 GB now I will upgrade it to 500 GB. But friends I donít know where I visit to upgrade my hard disk. So friends I need your help in finding the store where I will upgrade my hard disk.

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    Re: Where I will switch my laptop hard disk?

    Hi friends donít worry about this problem Iím familiar with your problem. When I face this problem I searched on internet, but not gotten any solution. So I asked friend about this problem then he suggest me that I can visit to our nearest IT shops. In that shop they were selling hard disk, as well as repairing the computer or laptop. So I contact them they just give me appointment for my laptop and that day I visited with my laptop. They easily upgraded my hard disk and charge me a little bit amounts.

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    Re: Where I will switch my laptop hard disk?

    Last month I also face same problem about upgrading. I stray too much place for upgrade my hard disk but I didnít found any store who can upgrade my laptop hard disk. So then I remember that my elder cousin brother have done course of hard ware so I contacted him but Iím scaring of assuming that if he also donít know how to upgrade then what I will do? But my prediction gets false my bro know how to upgrade it and he donít in just half an hour.

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    Re: Where I will switch my laptop hard disk?

    Donít worry my friend upgrading of hard disk problem is facing my many user. So because of this many manufacturer of computers are also opening store like repairing the computer or any problem regarding about computer can be solved in just in time. So I will prefer to you go this shops which is also called service center. You can go to your laptop manufacturer service center; Iím sure that there your problem will be solve.

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    Re: Where I will switch my laptop hard disk?

    Many computer or laptop users are facing same problem, because laptop manufacturer are providing less memory. You can upgrade your hard disk from your nearest IT service center. But the user who are staying in urban area and these it service center miles away from their area. What they will do? I tell you can manually replace your hard disk. You just search on internet how to replace hard disk manually then they will give you 100 of source through there you can learn for switching the hard disk. Or you can also watch video because through video you can learn quickly.

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