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Thread: The best brand for PSU that is available

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    The best brand for PSU that is available

    Hi guys hi I have a small query regarding the purchase of PSU for my computer. The one I have is also working fine I don’t know what brand it Is and never bother to find out what brand is fitted in to my computer but in case of emergency I wanted to be ready besides my computer is almost 4 years old don’t wanted to take chances I need to know a new PSU so I can run my GTX 460 . I am also not very good in recognize what Voltage supply is require for my computer frankly I don’t care I just want the best available brand for psu.

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    Re: The best brand for PSU that is available

    There are lot of brand available but the those all brand supply garbage and un reliable brand. You cont trust on them because what they do is put low quality component on their product and after some time later people wonder is it why their PSU is not performing proper and end up paying extra more that what they actually should and if the damage is serious then properly whole computer might need of a new hard ware and at the end just for the little financial prudence might end up on paying high

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    Re: The best brand for PSU that is available

    I agree with you when it’s come to selecting PSU the fact they ignorant that the power supply is the single most important component you don’t want to mess with the reputed brand that I knows is
    • Corsair
    • Antec
    • Thermaltake
    • XFX
    • SeaSonic
    • Silverstone
    • PC Power & Cooling
    • ABS
    • Enermax
    • Ultra
    • Cooler Master
    • OCZ
    And if you want little cheap the go for
    • Kingwin
    • Rosewill
    Other than these brand don’t go for any other brand

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    Re: The best brand for PSU that is available

    That is very useful information given but I hope you will not get confused by that many of brand that fact is you will get what you will pay for with power supply and modular this of course required some knowledge but the real test is what you will get and what you will want your GTX640 also require 2 6 pin PCI-E power inputs, and ideally you don’t want to use adapters for that but you would most certainly need CIT supplies like said you need to do some reach for your PSU after all it would be the one of the most required component of you cpu

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    Re: The best brand for PSU that is available

    I don’t have much knowledge about PSU but the amount of information I have is more then enough to make your decision all that mention above is worth looking for but the personally what I recommend to you get either seasonic , corsair or antec all these are the good tier PSU especially the HX650. You should know that most computer brand dose no have their own PSU and most brand utilize more than one manufacturer. For future reference search the specific model number you are interested in and find out who made it. Certainly one of the best manufacturers is seasonic

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    Re: The best brand for PSU that is available

    There are lots of incredible units coming out lately and all of these come on greater than 1KW category we saw the corsair AX1200 comes in and out perform excellent models half a size and saw the antec hcp 1200 do the same thing . The same performance is also expected from thermaltake which has added a beefy 1200 watt 80 plus gold model to their toughpower grand series of units . these are the power full candidates that is available in the market . don’t know exactly requirement that you need but these will definitely give some choice

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