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Thread: HP Pavilion a1034n Power Supply

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    HP Pavilion a1034n Power Supply

    Hello all! this is my first post, and although this came up in another thread I saw, I am a technological barbarian and need layman's terms.
    I have an HP Pavilion a1034n which I recently upgraded with the best GeForce video card available to a rig this old. However, games still cut out on me and I believe I need a new power supply.
    I believe this has the old PCI connector, and I am also considering buying a gb or two of RAM. What brand and model should I get?
    Thanks in advance for enlightening the ignorant!

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    Re: HP Pavilion a1034n Power Supply

    Well the one i can suggest you for HP Pavilion a1034n is Thermaltake TR2 W0070 430W that is packed with dual 80 mm fans. It helps to increase air supply within the enclosure, at the both points like one at the front and one in the back side. It will also help your W0070 to run at its best levels and that for long hours with decent power consumption. I guess it will cost you around 30$

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