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Thread: Saegate GoFlex not woring

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    Saegate GoFlex not woring

    My Seagate Hard drive is not working. When I plug it in, it takes a few seconds before the light comes on but it is not detected at all. It doesnt show up in the Device Manager or Disk Management.I am using Win XP. Please help me out as I dont want to lose my data that is on it.

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    Re: Saegate GoFlex not woring

    Well, there can be many reason for not getting detected. As the first step, if you have any secondary system (PC), try connecting with it and see if it is getting detected. If not, than it may be dead and luckily you will get the replacement as it is still under warranty.

    As second steps, try the steps mentioned in the following threads:
    Seagate External Hard drive not detected
    Computer not detecting internal Seagate hard drive

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