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Thread: How to reformat the dvr hard drive and use it in pc

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    How to reformat the dvr hard drive and use it in pc

    I have a DVR which has stopped working. It is not reparable. Now it has a hard drive in it. I want some help to use it in my pc. This would help me to extend the space. The entire unit is not working so I can atleast save some part and use it in my existing pc. This will also help me to recover some loss. What are possible solutions available through which I can use the drive in my system.

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    If it is the regular internal hard drive then you can just remove it and connect to your pc. It might be having a sata or ide connector. If not then you have to find a compatible adapter for the same. Just format the drive through Disk Management and check back. Most of this dvr comes loaded with a regular hard drive. But sometime due to different firmware this does not work. There are adapters available on the web that you buy and use.

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    If you can open the box then just try that and post a photo here. I can help you to give you a working solution. I had did that at my friends home. His DVR was not working. When I opened it there was a 80GB hard drive in it. I had removed that configured it on the pc and it is working fine. I do not really think you will need any kind of third party adapter for that. You can also use that as a external hard drive through enclosure.

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