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Thread: MSI Compatible Active Shutter Glasses

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    MSI Compatible Active Shutter Glasses

    Friends, I have bought the AE2420 3D that comes with the pair of MSI active shutter glasses. I am leaving this thread over here so that someone can tell me that if I will be able to purchase more pairs of glasses as of MSI otherwise is it probable to purchase third party glasses which is compatible through the computer and if it is possible then please tell me that how can I make out that which one will be compatible. Thank you so much in advance for replying to this post.

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    Re: MSI Compatible Active Shutter Glasses

    The best way that I can recommend you is to make the contact with the MSI and ask them regarding the availability of that. They will provide you the detailed information regarding this. Other than this, you can also check it on the local store. It is possible that they might have them. Check that with your PC to see if that works with it. If that does not functions then you can take it back to the store and tale the one which is compatible.

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    Re: MSI Compatible Active Shutter Glasses

    LC shutter glasses closed at twilight time and also they are a bit dark, even to let the light, since they are polarized. This provides an effect close to watching TV by means of sunglasses, resulting in a darker image perceived by the viewer. However, this result can construct a better perceived screen contrast when combined with LCD screens due to the reduction of backlight bleed.

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    Re: MSI Compatible Active Shutter Glasses

    The glassware came with the software driver that intercepted calls to the API and effective delivery of the two views in the sequence, this technique requires twice the performance of the graphics card, therefore a high-end device which needed. Visual failures were ordinary, as many 3D game engines based on 2D effects were rendered at the correct depth, causing confusion for the viewer. Very few samples CRT are capable of maintaining the 120 Hz refresh rate at resolutions general game time display designed for high-end CRT is necessary for flicker-free image, even through capacity CRT monitor.

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    Re: MSI Compatible Active Shutter Glasses

    These glasses combination with a display screen makes the illusion of an image in three dimensions, an example of stereoscopy. Each glass eye contains a liquid crystal layer has the ability to become dark when voltage is applied, the reverse is transparent. The glasses are forbidden by a radio frequency otherwise Bluetooth transmitter which sends a synchronization sign which permits dark glasses alternately on one eye and then the other, in synchronization with the refresh rate the screen.

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