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Thread: Philips MMS460 5.1 PC Speaker not working properly

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    Philips MMS460 5.1 PC Speaker not working properly

    Hello guys,i have Philips MMS460 5.1 PC Speaker at my home.all the speakers are working properly but it is not working properly. All speakers suppose to work together but they are not working together. I have bought separate adapter for proper power supply.please suggest me something that should work. As its a 5.1 speaker so it was suppose to work together with sub-woofer. If somebody has knowledge than please let me know.

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    Re: Philips MMS460 5.1 PC Speaker not working properly

    If your speaker is not properly working than check your power supply,sometimes because of less power supply sub-woofer having sound pin cant get sufficient or enough power supply,and hence which cause speakers a problem. Check whether all the pins are properly connected. Checkout for the main connection of sub-woofer or just slightly shake the wire. Don't try connect high voltage speaker,which can damage whole system.

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    Re: Philips MMS460 5.1 PC Speaker not working properly

    Speaker problem can arise because of improper installation of video card drivers. You can uninstall the driver and can be again reinstalled from control panel. It can also be due to sound card which might get burnt or corrupt. If your speaker is alright then check other settings. I don't think your sound card will affect the compatibility of the speaker.It has nothing to do with the compatibility.

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    Re: Philips MMS460 5.1 PC Speaker not working properly

    If u are not getting any proper way or solution than i recommend you to consult a hardware engineer who can solve your problem. Sometimes these problems rises because of connection wire which may get burnt inside which cannot be rectified easily. You should not try to remove any spare or cover of your speaker if you don't have enough knowledge about it. It may cause to your system, what you don't wish. As this is not a major problem and i think any knowledgeable person can solve your problem.

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    Re: Philips MMS460 5.1 PC Speaker not working properly

    As far as i know your problem it should be solved soon. If you have your speaker under warranty than there is no need to worry. Anytime you can visit the service center before your warranty period expires. They will definitely solve your problem. or just refer to manual book for any related extra knowledge. Try to plug the main switch tightly to the switch board ,as i was suffering from this kind of problem.And even check whether the switch board is properly working or not.

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