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Thread: Need a new toner for HP Laserjet 1020

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    Need a new toner for HP Laserjet 1020

    Hello to all. I require to purchase a innovative toner for my HP Laserjet 1020 printer, however the range on toner is very outrageous for the OEM. Although, I found some re manufactured toner cartridges, nevertheless I am not confirmed if they would cause harm to my printer as I know that re manufactured cartridges for an inkjet printer will lead damage. any suggestion people. Hoping for some nice replies. Thank You.

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    Re: Need a new toner for HP Laserjet 1020

    Printers which make use of liquid ink, by that I mean inkjet printers can be spoiled in case the ink surrounds contaminations which can surely bung up up the nozzles. I, myself have experienced such a thing and I was then needed to pay money for a new-fangled printer all for the reason that I did not make use of the producer s own ink. Along with the laser printers, I imagine you will be fine by using third-party toner. Without fail give a try to the third party toner.

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    Re: Need a new toner for HP Laserjet 1020

    After gazing through your post , I would like to bring to your notice that I had the similar experience with my Canon ink-jet printer; I mean the printer just congested creating the right colors with re-done cartridges. I then considered that I would require an original printer, nevertheless switched back to those luxurious ones completed by Canon and each and every thing was exact, just not reasonable. I am hoping that my post helps you in some way or the other.

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    Re: Need a new toner for HP Laserjet 1020

    I have the possession of several laser printers in view of the fact that their primary manifestation .I have for all time purchased the printer's brand names as it generally last a extended time . To be very honest, I would stick with the brand name cartridge nevertheless have no understanding in trying cheaper editions. In case you have been going for 5 years on the unusual toner cartridge, I would procure the HP brand name or else a suggested replacement , its just my thought.

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    Re: Need a new toner for HP Laserjet 1020

    Hello buddy. I am fine. I immediately cannot imagine how much currency I have shattered on purchasing ink for these printers. Ink for printers is pretty luxurious. Almost as much as what the printer would more often than not price. In fact, the ink runs out quicker and when it is not being made use of, the ink dries up. My laser printer I have had since some time now have been on the innovative toner cartridge for that complete time.

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    Re: Need a new toner for HP Laserjet 1020

    There are numerous videos available on the web regarding the discussion which is going on. I would strongly recommend you to have a watch on them . They really have been explained superbly and it would surely enlighten you with the facts. I am able to say this from my personal experience because, I myself observed it. I am wishing that you follow my advice and by performing a simple net search observe the videos.

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    Re: Need a new toner for HP Laserjet 1020

    I have been using refilled toner on my canon LBP 2900 laser printer. It is printing just like the original cartridge. No problem at all. The thing is that, refilling of toner should be done by a serviced person and the inner areas of the cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned every time you refill the cartridge. But in the case of inkjet printer, I had problems with refilled ink.
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