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Thread: Keyboard, mouse, Xserver not working in Gentoo

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    Keyboard, mouse, Xserver not working in Gentoo

    I am new to Linux based operating system. I have heard a lot about the Linux based operating system and hence decide to try out the Gentoo operating system that is based on Linux. I have judiciously been a windows user since past years. But know I have decided to shift myself to a better platform which would rather be complex but indeed be a stable one. As per a short search on Google showed me the way to Gentoo operating system. I have installed it and now I have been facing a problem that my mouse and keyboard are not working. Someone please tell me what should I do . Or where did I got wrong .

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    Re: Keyboard, mouse, Xserver not working in Gentoo

    Hey there, which version of Gentoo are you using? The version of Gentoo matters are the version 4.3.4 is totally different from 4.3.5. So without such vital information, I think no one this forum could help you out. The major changes that are made to versions are kernel layout and Base layout. The base layout for version 4.3.4 was one where as for 4.3.5 it has changed to 2 .there are many other changes also , so I guess you to use 4.3.4 as a new user as it version 4.3.5 has many bugs and errors that have been reported.

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    Re: Keyboard, mouse, Xserver not working in Gentoo

    The problem lies with your config file, I am just guessing it as you have not posted your config file here. But , most the problem for the keyboard and the mouse arises from the config file. You just need to set set CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=y in my kernel config file. That would automatically fix all the issues with your system. But do remember to alter xorg.conf for fresh driver x11-drivers/ without that the changes made won t be saved. If it did not fixed the problem then restart the system and try again, because that‘s where the problem lies.

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    Re: Keyboard, mouse, Xserver not working in Gentoo

    The step guided by the above user is absolutely correct and accurate, following those steps may solve your problem but, it may point to some errors, these errors are harmless and you don‘t need to worry about them everything would work fine , just be relaxed. If you still want to remove that error you can use udev command, which is quite complex to understand and use. So you can search for that command on the web. Also if it is possible to post the xorg.conf file here then that would be good as many expert users can help you solve your problem.

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    Re: Keyboard, mouse, Xserver not working in Gentoo

    I think as per my knowledge of Gentoo it s not the problem of xorg.cofig file nor it s the problem of the Gentoo .Because I have been using Gentoo over past 2 years and Gentoo support every keyboard and mouse that has a U.S layout or a standard defined by ASCII . I think your mouse and key board has been blocked internally by the system, there is option named AllowEmptyInput" "off"'. Which need to e turned on by you, you also may need to check and alter mouse and keyboard section and set then to Input class.

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