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Thread: Computer freezes while copying to flash drive

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    Computer freezes while copying to flash drive

    There is big problem in my computer but I am not sure whether it s hardware problem or the Windows problem. My computer is running with Windows XP professional without any service packs. There several images in the computer and I cannot copy them to my flash drive because the system freezes. For that purpose I wonder if I could put second HDD with Linux and copy those images from windows to Linux HDD. But still I need to solve the first problem. My system specifications are:
    • AMD athlon CPU code name thunderbird 32 bit single core 1.1ghz
    • 512MB memory
    • nvidia geforce2 mx/MX 400 32MB video card.
    • DirectX 9.0
    • 80GB HDD

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    Re: Computer freezes while copying to flash drive

    I think that it is the time for you to update your computer because as you know that the Windows XP is very old operating system. Now the most of the people uses the Windows 7 and it is also a most popular operating system. Freshly, Microsoft has launched an motivating patch for Windows 7 destined to resolve a spiteful bug which freezes the PC whereas copying information as well as files from your computer to whichever USB storage devices for example USB dongles, external HDDs and so on.

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    Re: Computer freezes while copying to flash drive

    If all you are demanding to obtain Linux to accomplish is back up your images, there actually is no necessitating installing Linux in it. Just find a live linux CD, similar to Ubuntu, otherwise Damn Small Linux and next just copy off what you require. I would be worried since to what is causing your unsteadiness however, earliest set out into your bios and attempt to underclock your microprocessor a bit (via dropping the frontage surface bus to an inferior value this will as well slow downward your ram. Through whichever fortune, that will decrease the possibility for temperature issues, and create this a bit easier in favor of you.

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    Re: Computer freezes while copying to flash drive

    I have never seen this kind of issue in Windows XP. However I have seen the same problem in windows 7 when it came at the first time. Then the Microsoft has released a patch for that issue and now the issue has been fixed there. The Microsoft has also told that there is no similar issue in Windows XP. So I think that in your case it is something different which you really need to worry about. May be you should check the entire USB driver and the working condition of USB ports once again.

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    Re: Computer freezes while copying to flash drive

    In my opinion I think that the problem is about the USB ports and USB driver. May be it is possible that some USB drivers file may be corrupted otherwise the USB ports itself has been malfunctioned. To check this you need to open the device manager in your computer. In that window go the USB or Universal serial controller section. Make sure that there is no yellow exclamation mark in front of any USB port. If present there you will need to resolve it first.

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    Re: Computer freezes while copying to flash drive

    I think that you should run the Windows repair utility in order to solve the problem. It may help you to restore back the corrupted files which might be causing the system to freeze while copying file to the USB flash drive. If you have installed any powerful antivirus program which have USB protection program then it also be reason because that security program my block the flash drive operation and access to the computer if it contains any malicious programs like malware or viruses. Live CD will be helpful as another alternative but if it is a hardware problem then it cannot be resolved by that way.

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