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Thread: Extreme Cooling CPU Cases

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    Extreme Cooling CPU Cases

    Right now I have decided to build a new compute which is meant for extreme cooling so that it can perform very well on all stage and condition. I need to build computer which must look cool and stay cool so that it will not heat up much while it is under extreme condition. While searching on web I have found several suggestions regarding this but still I am curious about to see more different kind of specification on extreme cooling system. So please suggest me some good recommendation regarding yourís one.

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    Re: Extreme Cooling CPU Cases

    This is my foremost water cooled gaming rig. It's approximately prepared just a number of little odds and finish to do so far.
    • Waterblock
    • Pro Core RAD
    • Pump is a 1250 Eheim
    • Reservoir
    • The whole thing is 1/2" and the setup arrange is Pump>Water Block>RAD>Reservoir>Pump

    The RAD contains a 120mm fan in a drive pull configuration with a covering on all side. The RAD as well as reservoir is separated off from the base of the case. The case is Shin Etsu - 751 Thermal Grease plus SuperCool water additive from D-Tek. The CPU temperatures are underneath case temperatures by 3C idle. The rig is actually latest and I expect to carry the temperatures downward a slight as I understand what I am doing.

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    Re: Extreme Cooling CPU Cases

    I donít think that you will need any kind of suggestion or feedback from others. The only thing you should concern is about your system specification. The main this is about the CPU case. The good CPU case you have, the good cooling arrangement can be done. The CPU case must have good cable management and space for additional fans as well as for watercooling system. Even if you still have these things in your case you still need to do modifications to the case anyhow. You can choose any kind of specifications for extreme cooling depending on the capability of CPU case.

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    Re: Extreme Cooling CPU Cases

    Following a long time of researching and homework I lastly completed my initial watercooling configuration. For building this rig I have asked help from several people and some professionals. However these things cannot be done individually even if you have lot of knowledge. You might need some feedback and result from others. Each and every one applicable watercooling parts areĒ
    • White Water
    • MCW20
    • MCW50
    • 1/2 Clearflex
    • 2-342 heater core
    • 4 Panaflos 120mm L1A push/pull
    • Iwaki MD-15RLT
    • Lian-Li Pc 70 case (moded)

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    Re: Extreme Cooling CPU Cases

    It is not a hard thing to suggest you the good cooling system for a computer or rig. However the main thing is about your system hardware specification and the size of your CPU case. The bigger the size, you will get better space for any kind of cooling arrangement. However if cans search on Google you will get lot of result over this with pictures as well as videos. This would help you to implement on your side. While just seeing some images, videos and tutors you will get a plan about how to configure your CPU case.

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    Re: Extreme Cooling CPU Cases

    Xclio sent in excess of one fuller tower case for evaluation, the "Wind Tunnel Extreme Cooling PC Case" (model no. WTBK). This CPU case has double 25cm fans on top of the side panel intended for quiet cooling in addition to a quantity of additional features as well as modifications not found on top of the A380. Prior to receiving to the examination of the Wind Tunnel, You might need to visit the Xclio website to know about all the products. The features are as follows:
    • 2PCS enormous blue LED 250mm fans
    • VR fan pace control
    • Blue LED light
    • Outstanding cooling way out
    • Tool-less clips and rails designed for simple installation
    • Black rubber objects front board
    • USB 2.0 + 1394 (peak section)

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    Re: Extreme Cooling CPU Cases

    You have noted that you are looking for to build an extreme cooling rig. Then I think that you really want to build a watercooled CPU case. IF this case then you will need to know about your CPU case as well as the different models in watercooling. You can configure watercooling in any manner. Before this you will need to make a plan on the structure. Then you need to buy the required components depending on your plan. If you donít have any idea about this then I urge you that first know about all the arrangement and requirement and then go on.

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