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Thread: Monitor does not shutdown properly

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    Monitor does not shutdown properly

    Actually im facing a strange problem with my Pc.Whenever i switch off my cpu it doesn't start but if i disconnect one end of the wire(which connect cpu to LCD) it starts....(very strange isn't it) i bought a new wire but this time whenever i switch on my PC first of all it shows that wire is disconnected after 5-6 seconds it start automatically showing poor picture quality like shadow and some lines..So i don't know wheter the problem is with Wire,Cpu or SMPS may be?plzz help

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    Re: Monitor does not shutdown properly

    This shows that your system is not shutting down properly. There can be some issue with power chip on the motherboard. Do this open up your system and then clean all the dust if any. Then disconnect all the hardware like cd rom, hard drive and connect only processor, powersupply and monitor. Connect your keyboard/mouse, and try to shutdown and restart a number of time. Check the cables. If there is no issue then connect back the hardware. If not then you will need to show that to some technician.

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