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Thread: Corsair AX850 making noise when switched on

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    Corsair AX850 making noise when switched on

    Hello guys, i am having a computer with AX850 power supply unit. I have been using this PC since past two months and it never had any problem until yesterday. Yesterday when i switched on the computer, the power from the CPU cut off suddenly, i was very much surprised to see that. Then after few seconds, the power automatically turned on and the system booted normally. I am facing this problem every time when i start the computer. There is also some sort of electrical noise coming out from PSU. It is happening frequently and I don’t understand what is wrong with it. Please help.

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    Re: Corsair AX850 making noise when switched on

    The same problem i faced few months back. When i switched on my computer, the power from PSU(power supply unit) just cutoff and after sometime the PSU was turned on automatically and the system started to boot. I realized that, there is some settings in the mobo and has to be changed. I solved the problem by changing the settings. There is option for “PLL overvoltage” to set it on or off. I found that PLL Overvoltage enable was turned on. So I turned it off and my problem was solved. So first of all you check for this option and if “PLL Overvoltage" is turned on then just turn it off.

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    Re: Corsair AX850 making noise when switched on

    Is your CPU overclocking. Overclocking can be one of the reason due to which your computer is showing this behavior. It can not only make your4 computer unstable but can do all sorts of weird things. This is just a double cold boot issue that your computer is experiencing. If you think that it is an issue of double cold boot, then you need to flash the BIOS. Time to time you are required to apply full resets so that stability of the system is maintained. Are you using Sandy bridge processor. If yes, then it is necessary to apply full reset, due to architecture of Sandy bridge platform.

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    Re: Corsair AX850 making noise when switched on

    The Power supply unit usually make sounds when it is powered on. The sound can be due to the rotation of the fan or due to the electric charge. Make sure that the CPU is not overclocking. It is possible that the noise is caused due to power problem or due to wrong wiring of the house. The noise is harmless to your computer so there i8s nothing to worry about. The noise coming from the PSU is the symptoms of bad power. If power supply unit of your system is making noises continuously then get it repaired or replaced.

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