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Thread: WoW headset mic not working properly

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    WoW headset mic not working properly

    This mic keeps on picking up extreme ambient background noise. Even when I turn down the mic volume to 2% you can still hear my friend whispering across the room. From my understanding, this is a noise canceling mic right? If so why is it not working like it shall. I also see that numerous other people are having this same issue but have not received any reply from anyone. That makes me sad. I have spent 154 dollars on this head set. Now dont get me wrong the speakers are FANTASTIC and I love the colored lights too. However everyone in vent is getting really tired of hearing me click my mouse or type and etc. sometimes you can even hear me breathing when I take the headset off and hold it 5 feet away?

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    Re: WoW headset mic not working properly

    Sometimes if Im watching a YouTube video, the people on Skype can hear the video through my mic, yes the headset is on my head when they can hear it. I've tried the 18% trick but when I do that, they can hardly understand me on Skype, come on creative, why don't you just make your products like you should. Constantly had issues with my Fatal1ty headset aswell and now it are the same, but with a headset that costs 100 Euros more, so creative, more support would be great.

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    Re: WoW headset mic not working properly

    Creative, update us on this issue, it seems like you are just another company doing it all for the money not giving a single issue about the customers. Allot of people have the same issue and nothing is being done about it, instead, creative just goes and makes new headphones that probably will have the same issue again. I hope that you will solve your problem as early as possible. If this is solved then share you knowledge and experience with us.

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    Re: WoW headset mic not working properly

    Does this happen even after installing the latest firmware update? I saw your post on the other thread but I'm not sure if you were able to download the firmware successfully because you said you encountered problems downloading. This update supposedly listens the mic sensitivity. If you still have the query on this then you can contact with the creative service center. And I am sure they will give you proper solution on your query. Thank you.

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    Re: WoW headset mic not working properly

    Yes I was able to update to the latest firmware about 2 days after you posted the country change option which didn't work, it actually showed up under my own language, but that only solved the robotic sounding voice problem, the noise cancelling still doesn't work at all. Aside from the mic sensitivity, does it still pick up sounds playing at the background (you indicated in your previous post that it picks up sound when you're playing/viewing something on YouTube) after the update?

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