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Thread: Need help on Creative Zen X-FI2

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    Need help on Creative Zen X-FI2

    I was discouraged after reading the bad experiences with the zxf2 many of people were having, specially because later than months of investigating for a good portable FLAC player I was prepared to pick a lesser known brand that was unlock to dozens of video and audio formats, as I was mostly looking for FLAC support in the end opted for this one in the hopes of having a bit more tough. Itís really tough I can say. If anyone here has any idea or any more detail on this than please help me.

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    Re: Need help on Creative Zen X-FI2

    I also have a creative Zen X-fi2 32 GB and I do think that it can truly be a great player, though I would necessitates many improvements about its firmware and application like creative centrale. I have been fairly one of the first to find out that mp3tag is the just program able to write Vorbis Comments for flac files (that means shun that annoying " TIST: " in front of artist's name for flac files) and at present I am attempting to make it work even for album arts. I at a standstill wish that's not a trouble of Zenís firmware, but in the way the album art is embedded inside flac's code.

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    Re: Need help on Creative Zen X-FI2

    Just viewed the video and it looks to just notify on the automatic search via Amazon and it should work fine for lots of cases. However, if you at a standstill have troubles, what I advise you is to what I did. Search via Google Images a .jpg of the folder and copy it in the list where you have the sound files of the folder. After that open that directory with mp3tag and in the right panel choose all the files matching to the album. You will notice at the base of the left panel a cd symbol in grey. Go over it and right click: a menu emerges with Add cover, as first option. Click and it will suggest you to select a .jpg after that choose the .jpg you downloaded previous. After that the cover emerges in place of the cd symbol in grey: just don't fail to remember to Save before exiting to apply the changes.

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    Re: Need help on Creative Zen X-FI2

    I have observed something. While using Format Factory to instruct existing HQ MP4 videos, while I situate the frame rate to 29.97, and 768 kbps data rate, the video in fact emerges to play back on the X-Fi2 at about 15 fps. While the frame rate is set to 18 fps, however, the video seems about usual. I am thoughts about re-encoding at 24 fps, but has anybody else run into this problem? On the other hand, the videos appear to play well.

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    Re: Need help on Creative Zen X-FI2

    I let it act the resolution itself. As I had that complexity, I establish a program, which can rip DVDs (for own backup use only, of course) and translate to AVI at the similar time (earlier than, I was utilizing DVD Decrypter, no extensive supported to rip, and Handbrake to switch). It does a wonderful job, and I haven't experienced the similar troubles, even encoding the video at 1000 kbps.

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    Re: Need help on Creative Zen X-FI2

    Here I wish to say something in this case. I am going to purchase this creative but earlier than I ask you a few information. I would like to know if the functions which control the max volume can be deactivate and if the product and the applications are previously compatible with windows 7, I hope so, in the end have you solved the trouble with avi compression? I wish you can watch film in avi format with it.

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