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Thread: How to find the manufacturer of 128GB Solid State Drive in HP Dm1z

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    How to find the manufacturer of 128GB Solid State Drive in HP Dm1z

    Hi, I am planning to purchase HP Pavilion Dm1z Notebook. It is either provided with the usual 250GB hard drive or a 128GB Solid State drive to make the notebook lighter in weight and to get a better battery life. I am planning to get a lighter notebook so 128GB SSD is my final choice. But now I am confused whether I should configure my HP Dm1z with their 128GB SSD or should I configure myself with some other SSD. So I wanted to know the manufacturer of the 128GB Solid State Drive that is used in the HP dm1z. It will make me feel better and more comfortable if I know every detail about the product I am planning to spend my cash on.

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    Re: How to find the manufacturer of 128GB Solid State Drive in HP Dm1z

    You should review the Solid State Drive (SSD) yourself to make sure about the Manufacturer or serial number of the SSD. You should probably read more reviews about the HP Pavilion Dm1z notebook on Internet. I would suggest you to contact HP directly to get any information regarding this matter. You can ask them about all the peripherals and hardware they provide in their product as a part of the purchase process. Or you can visit the nearest HP stores or any other stores that sells the HP products. They are the people who will be having the right answer.

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    Re: How to find the manufacturer of 128GB Solid State Drive in HP Dm1z

    I visited the HP store along with other computers store near my area to find more details about the manufacturer of the Solid State Drive provided in HP Pavilion Dm1z but unfortunately I didnít received any help from them too. On contacting HP directly, I was told that they cannot reveal any information related to its manufacturers detail and they are not authorized to do so. Thus, it is creating more problems finding the exact detail about the SSD provided with HP Dm1z. I am very much confused whether to get the HDD or the normal Hard Disk provided with the notebook. If anyone has any suggestions, then please help me.

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    Re: How to find the manufacturer of 128GB Solid State Drive in HP Dm1z

    I would suggest you to go for the standard hard drive and then upgrade to a SSD of your choice. It is better not to risk getting an "unknown / unproven" SSD and feel cheated. It is better to go for some branded SSDs. There are many good SSD available in the market. Wide range of consumer SSDs are available now in the market than before. If you want to have 128GB SSD then I would recommend you to check out these four 128 GB storage range SSD.
    Corsair P128 128GB, Patriot Torqx 128GB, Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB, Kingston SSDNow V+ SERIES 128GB
    For more details you can search for them on Internet. Hope I helped you.

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    Re: How to find the manufacturer of 128GB Solid State Drive in HP Dm1z

    Do you know anyone having the HP Pavilion Dm1z Notebook laptop? If yes then you can find the SSD's manufacturer and firmware version. You just have to follow these few steps:
    For Windows 7 and Vista: (If Computer icon is not there on the desktop screen then click on Start followed by right-clicking on Computer. Click on Properties and select Device Manager.
    For Windows XP: Start > My Computer > Hardware > Device Manager.
    On the Device manager window, double-click the Disk drives entry. It will expand the list of all the drives installed in your system. You can find the model and manufacturer of your notebook's SSD here.

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    Re: How to find the manufacturer of 128GB Solid State Drive in HP Dm1z

    The SSD provided in the HP Pavilion Dm1z would probably be either Intelís SSD or Samsungís SDD. Buying SSD separately and then adding them up with your system is much better option in several ways. Along with the standard 320GB HDD you are paying approximately 290$ more for an unknown 128GB SSD. This is probably a very stupid taught. It will be better if you buy any other 128GB SSD from outside. It will even cost you little less; if not then atleast you will be having knowledge about what you are paying for. Also by doing this you will be able to use your original HDD for restoration purposes.

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