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Thread: Best Sound Card OpAmp

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    Best Sound Card OpAmp

    I have recently purchased the ASUS Xona Sense. I have noticed that it is same as ASUS Essence STX. I want to the radioshack in oder to find the opamps to upgarde the same. I hvae found LM386N 400Mw AudioAmp 8pin. I wanted to know whether it is safe to put on the sound card of mine. so my query is very simple that it is safe to use LM386N on the Op Amp Socket? Let me know the speculation of yours in this particular thing.

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    Re: Best Sound Card OpAmp

    I want to confirm that you are wanted to DUAL OP AMP chip for the upgrading. I let you know that JRC4112D is a kind of dual OP Amp but the LM386N is not the thing which you are looking for. Well according to me you need to have thing like LME49720NA. if you are going to do upgrade then you need to remove the shielding so that you will be able to fit on that particular OP AMPS. Also it is little bit expensive than other products.

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    Re: Best Sound Card OpAmp

    Well I have noticed that the ALL IC opamps is seems to be thin and little bit noisy in terms of the performance. However you will not be able to get the thing until and unless you try. You could also upgrade the capacitors which would make the noticeable difference in the situation. Personally I recommend that you should go for Elna RFS Silmic II Series Electrolytic Capacitor if you wanted to upgrade the capacitors on the system of yours.

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    Re: Best Sound Card OpAmp

    I have found that the LME49720 good one to get the better sound on the system. After quick googling I have come to know that the new Op Amps would be in the market really soon. I am expecting that the sound card would be amzing with the athena technology speaker and it would be having self powered polk sub. Normally I am using Headphones on the computer of mine. however there is always room to get something better . I am ready to pay some extra cash if I am getting value for money.

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    Re: Best Sound Card OpAmp

    Yes there would be large difference with using LME49720. But still I am unable to believe that ASUS had not put the same into begin. I am thinking that I might recap elna RFS silmic II and it would make the largest difference on the sound card. I am hoping that it would be worth to remove the shield recap and simply put the same on the Burson OP AMPS. If you are not interested then simply stick to the LME49720 and did not remove the shield.

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