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Thread: Turn off Hard Drive Protection

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    Turn off Hard Drive Protection

    I just purchased the Toshiba Satellite A665-S6065. I observed that, when I place the laptop on soft surface and tremble that a little at the same time as listening music, it was creating a few odd noises similar to dzzzzzt. And after that I asked this to to customer service and they said a few of that models does the same. I called a hardware person and he informed me that this is HDD protection and that is normal. Can you tell me that how can I turn off Hard Drive Protection. If you have any idea about this then please share that with us.

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    Re: Turn off Hard Drive Protection

    Itís very easy to d that. If you want to do this then you can go through the steps which are given below and see if that can help you.
    1. Click on the start.
    2. Click on All Programs.
    3. Select Toshiba.
    4. Choose Utilities.
    5. Go to HDD Protection setting.
    6. Shift slider to the off position.

    I wish that this will solve the problem for you.

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    Re: Turn off Hard Drive Protection

    If buttons are off when opening HDD guard software then remove Toshiba HDD Protection and reinstall it. If you have a latest model then you may get the installers through doing this. Click on start on top of search bar and enter "application" otherwise "Toshiba" and you must see on the record something similar to Toshiba Application Installer. There you will get Toshiba HDD guard installer. Click that and then select install. Once you are completed with this then it might need you to restart PC. It is extremely recommended you do not switch it off since it is a extremely handy feature within protecting the HDD from crashes because of bumps as well as falls. You may lesser the sensitivity level however. It has three settings. You have detached choice when laptop is using battery otherwise when it is connected. I extremely recommend you leave it to max when it is connected since that would mean the computer is motionless.

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    Re: Turn off Hard Drive Protection

    There are two levels of safeguards intended for your precious personal information devoid of interrupting the day-to-day use of hard drive
    • Normal protection: anytime you are working on the laptop, this stage of guard is vigorously engaged, but remains unaltered by the usual vibration of any forms of transportation.
    • Enhanced protection: The improved level of guard features superior sensitivity. Itís allow when risk is high, for example when you are moving your laptop through system on, lid closed as well as battery running.

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