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Thread: Logitech Harmony 650; Remote frequently restarts.

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    Logitech Harmony 650; Remote frequently restarts.

    I have lastly attained my breaking point concerning this exact problem I have been having among my Logitech Harmony 650 remote. For any cause, the Harmony 650 will work for a short even as and then restart itself. Essentially almost the whole thing has the potential to reason the remote to resume itself. I have tried upgrading the remote but that has not worked in any way. I can get a slight use out of it through take away a battery and place it back in, but that rapidly changes. I have just had the remote for three months or less than that, and it has not experienced any physical injury. Does anybody know why it is doing this?

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    Re: Logitech Harmony 650; Remote frequently restarts.

    I had the similar problem with my Logitech Harmony 650 remote and I think what you are telling sounds similar to my problem and that is the battery is losing connection in the remote, try placing in a little shim to clutch the battery in position. Same I did with my remote and I get the solution after performing this. You should to try this trick at least one time and then see may be it will solve your problem. And post your response on the same forum.

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    Re: Logitech Harmony 650; Remote frequently restarts.

    I had the same difficulty with my Harmony 650 remote. And I tried many explanation which was I received through my friends but no one suitable for my difficulty then I contact the customer care center of Logitech and said him about my difficulty then he solved my difficulty . So, as per my individual knowledge I would like to suggest you that you should to make call to your service provider or you can make contact with customer service center for the solution. or you can search google for the similar type of problem, from their you get some solution.

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    Re: Logitech Harmony 650; Remote frequently restarts.

    If this is a problem that "not theoretical to happen at any time", then Logitech actually have to discard the design of this specific remote, and all its models with battery backup for the case. I am a Best Buy home theater sales associate and I bought the Harmony 650 for my room after having the Harmony One and love for some years. After just three month, the remote ongoing to reset itself constantly. So, today I have an exchange made by the same model. This time, when I got home, he is constantly reset to the right of the box! There is something wrong with this model and must make a withdrawal. It can not be a coincidence, is just a bad design.

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