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Thread: Battery charger capable of measuring capacity

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    Battery charger capable of measuring capacity

    Hello friends I have been in some kind of a doubt from last few months as I there has been questions going on at the back of my mind from past couple of weeks as I would want to know that is there any kind of a charger that is available that can help in measuring and displaying the capacity of the cells, and the cells whose capacity that I would want to measure is the Nickel-metal hydride battery which is a rechargeable battery used in various electronic gadgets, so can someone tell me that apart from the usual charger is there any other charger that can help in measuring capacity.

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    Re: Battery charger capable of measuring capacity

    The charger is WizardOne advanced features ideal for those who want total control over the loading and unloading of batteries. With the MH-C9000 will get the most out of your NiMH or NiCD batteries. 4 independent charging slots All unloading and loading functions WizardOne cycle can be configured independently and each of the 4 slots. This WizardOne charger even helps you in getting what is the capacity which will be displayed at the display that has been provided at the front of the charger.

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    Re: Battery charger capable of measuring capacity

    I would reckon you to go along with the Maha charger as it has got a large screen LCD display 1.5 "x 3.5" screen that tells a clear way of time, currents, voltages, capacities and other features. It has 5 working modes Configure the working mode according to the state and stack usage: LOAD (Charge): Charge the battery at the selected current. Ideal for batteries used frequently COOL AND ANALYSIS. The complete cycle charge-discharge-charge batteries, which reactivates sluggish. Ideal for batteries stored for more than 2 weeks and less than 3 months so I would recommend you to go with this one.

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    Re: Battery charger capable of measuring capacity

    Rechargeable batteries are great, but it is difficult to be sure that you are getting the best of them with standard chargers. The LaCrosse Technology BC-900 Battery Charger AlphaPower fully delivers on its promise of voltage checking and displaying the capacity as well. This is by far the best charger I ever had. It does everything it promises and does it well. Yet there are some minor areas in which it could be improved. This will surely help you in the long run to allow measuring and displaying the voltages.

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    Re: Battery charger capable of measuring capacity

    Many batteries withstand 1000 mA charge current, and only the Maha BC 900 exploits them well. I've tried different battery types (AA NiMH, including Eneloop) from different vendors so. The measured capacities agreed remarkably closely match the printed. If you consider what they cost batteries and how easy it can reduce its life by improper handling, this unit is always charged. The attempt to load has already been charged again, ends after a short time with the message "Full" on a per battery. So clearly and unambiguously make the fewest devices. So blindly I would suggest you to go with this new one.

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