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Thread: No files detected from external hard drive

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    No files detected from external hard drive

    Hello I have got a Transcend 500Gb external hard disk. I use it in my laptop with windows 7 operating system. I have lots of data stored in it. I dint used it for three months as I dint required to access it. Yesterday when I connected my external hard disk and tried to access the drive I was surprised to see that there is no file or may be the computer is not showing the file. When I go to check the properties of the drive, it shows the used capacity and the free space. It means that the drive is not empty. I have some important file in it and don’t want to loose it. Please tell me what I should do.

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    Re: No files detected from external hard drive

    If in the drive properties it is showing the used and the free space your external hard drive then it is sure that the data’s are safe in the drive. You might have hidden the files and you do not remember. Go to the tools and select folder options . then click view and check out check box. If in the checkbox “do not show hidden files “is marked then unmark it and mark “show hidden files”. after you have made the selection click “apply”. then try to open your drive .

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    Re: No files detected from external hard drive

    If your file is not hidden then go to start and then run. In the space provided type “cmd”and press enter. command prompt window will be opened. Here type G:assuming that your drive letter is G: enter the command attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* now press enter key and you will find that the folder where you have stored your data appears. You can copy all the data’s to some other drive and then format your external disk drive

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    Re: No files detected from external hard drive

    If your external hard disk doesn’t shows the file and a blank folder appears in the screen, then first check if all your files and folders are not hidden. If it is hidden then you don’t need to run command prompt. Simply you can go to tool and then select folder options and from there select view and mark the check box quoted as “show hidden files”. If you are unable to get the view of your external hard drive content then only go for searching command prompt.

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