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Thread: The driver detected a controller error on Ide Port0

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    The driver detected a controller error on Ide Port0

    Hello everybody, I am facing a serious problem with my desktop computer. I am getting an error in event viewer saying that driver detected the controller error on \Device\Ide\ideport0. It making me really frustrating what this error is all about ant how to get rid of this error. I have Gigabyte 945 motherboard with Intel dual core 2.9processor, 2bg Ram and 200 GB WD Hard Disk. If you have any suggestion please let me know. You would be appreciated a lot.

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    Re: The driver detected a controller error on Ide Port0

    I was also facing the similar kind of the problem. It is problem due to your WD Hard Drive. So I returned the hard drive though I acquire the similar Error. When you begin to turn on the computer and find "PIO MODE" in /Device Manager/IDE ADA ATAPI Controllers make your computer congeal. The temporary answer about this issue is: first turn off your computer then take out hard drive cable and put to the post 0 of the motherboard and then turn on computer and analysis in the Advanced Settings "Ultra DMA Mode 6"; at this instant you can do with no harms. If you can exchange your hard drive then do it.

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    Re: The driver detected a controller error on Ide Port0

    You may getting error due to CD ROM you have put on the similar IDE channel with wrong jumper settings. Please check If CD ROM jumpers are made as cable select then you should change it to the IDE cable.. You need to make changes to the jumpers from master slave option. I would also suggest you to go through manual to know how to do changes in BIOS. Remind one thing any kind of worng modification to BIOS can harm your system. This may stop machine from booting correctly. I could not assurance that any problems follow-on from the configuring of BIOS/CMOS settings can be resolved. This will surly help you.

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    Re: The driver detected a controller error on Ide Port0

    Hello friend I would like to share what I am experiencing currently. I donít think it is problem of the hard drive or your motherboard. Because, it was the problem with me also. I have knowledged this error only when I have installed the Windows 7 on my machine. Before that I had two operating system in my machine and there were no problem like this. Neither of the operating system detailed these errors. But I am not sure where the problem is actually. It may be the hardware problem. But I aknowledge this after the installation of windows XP OS on my machine.

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