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Thread: WD 2TB drive cannot be formatted

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    WD 2TB drive cannot be formatted

    Hello friend I got an issue with my WD hard disk. I have newly bought Western Digital 2 tera byte hard disk. I have made four partitions in this western digital hard disk. I have windows 7 installed in it. Windows 7 contain 300 GB of the space. While installing the windows there was no problem. Installation was successful. While setup I had made four partitions. After the completion of the windows 7 set up. When I click on the other partition to open it ask me for formatting when click on quick formatting but is does not work. I really got frustrated why it is happening. If any solution please let me know.

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    re: WD 2TB drive cannot be formatted

    Hello friend itís nice to post on this forum. Once I had the similar kind of the problem with HP computer. Now, I am able to partition and format my western digital hard disk very easily. The solution to this problem was upgrading driver. In my case I upgraded my Nvidia driver. So I think this will be case with you so I will suggest to update the driver for your system. Try this.

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    re: WD 2TB drive cannot be formatted

    Hello friend from point of view there may be the chance that your mother board does not support 2 tera byte hard disk. It is newly launched hard disk. It is supported by all new motherboard. So I would suggest you to try this hard disk to another system with latest version. That support 2 tere byte hard disk and does it format or not. Though it is not formatting then there is problem with your hard disk so get replace it. Since it is in warranty.

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    re: WD 2TB drive cannot be formatted

    Hello friend I would like to share my experience. Once I faced a similar kind of the problem. But solved that very wisely. I had bought a Western Digital Hard disk of 2 tera byte. when I formatted this hard disk and install the windows XP on it. Initially it showed as being 900GB. But BIOS showed me the drive as being 1TB. So I then downloaded and installed Easeus Partition Master Now I am able to see my all the partiontion. And got all 2 tera byte space of my hard disk. Hope this helps you.

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