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Thread: Firmware Update for Dell 1235cn

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    Firmware Update for Dell 1235cn

    I needed to update the firmware for Dell 1235cn. And so to do that I just used the tool for firmware update from Dell for uploading a suggested firmware update. The status window within the printer now has "Warming up Please wait". This is as it is from last one hour. I was associated throughout the network card and did not detach something or turned off something. Can you tell me that why this is showing me that message. Please reply as early as possible.

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    Re: Firmware Update for Dell 1235cn

    The best thing that you can do is to contact the Dell support and ask them that what is the problem with that and how can it be solved? They are the people who is aware of that what are the possible reasons for the issue and how can it be solved. They will guide you in the proper way to resolve the problem. This should be the first thing that you need to do in the issues like this. It will be the best and the safe way to get the answer for your problem.

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    Re: Firmware Update for Dell 1235cn

    I think that firmware that you were trying to install is having the problem in it and so you are getting that glitch. If you want to make that functional again then you will have to switch back to some earlier version of that and it will make your printer to work again. If you are not getting any problem with the existing version of the firmware then there is no need to upgrade to the latest version of that. Itís the only thing that I can suggest you at the time and I wish that there will be some more advanced replies on this topic in after this.

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    Re: Firmware Update for Dell 1235cn

    Its driver may have problems with that. May be damaged or not functioning properly and that is why you are getting problems like this. My suggestion to you is to uninstall the driver that is installed on your computer and then reinstall. See if that solves the problem or not? If that does not solve the problem, then you can find the latest driver from the Internet. Download and install it. This will definitely solve the problem if it is related to the damaged driver.

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