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Thread: Better fans for H50?

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    Better fans for H50?

    I am currently using the H50 stock fan. I am searching that my cooling is not sufficient for my experience. I am hitting 66-70C loads in Linux among a 4GB difficulty size. Seal is IC 7, though I did break it one time to check a difficulty. Temps rose only 4.2 C after though. I have a resalable plans when they acquire new fans. My case does not fit the Scythe Ultra Kaze things "push / pull, and that clash with the H50. 38 mm fans are not working, must be the same thickness as the fan that came with the PC (29?). Only one of the fans sound like a jet engine, but it cools very well! Difference of 15-20C, so it would be willing to TRY to stop it .. Somehow. What I'm looking into a set of push / pull fans is a balance between calm and performance. I would also like to control PWM functionality noise, but it is something like a luxury.

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    Re: Better fans for H50?

    At what time I had H50, I observed that extremely high rpm fan does not affect the temps, it just improved the sound. I went for newest Loon 120mm fans in shove pool configuration. They are fairly and gave me the most excellent temperature. I also tried adventure trispeed fans. They are also extremely effective. I hope this information will help you to find out the solution of your problem. And if you get any other better idea then post it on the same.

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    Re: Better fans for H50?

    You can put your Ultra Kaze and just run at lower RPMs. The depth of 38 mm and high angle blades move air still a ton more than 25mm deep fan normal. You have to get some new screws, however, the screws are not held long enough to accommodate a 38mm fan. You can slip a screw normal case in the open corner of the art in the push side, but if you want an ultra-pull side you will need some fairly long screws.

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    Re: Better fans for H50?

    I am a little sound fan so I have bought Nexus Basic (good Yate Loons), Apache, and Gentle Typhoon 1450 and . All of these fans are “calm” or non- unmistakable fans and I would group them as such: Nexus/Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 - on parity, I like nexus more as it is whisper silence. Quiet eagle maybe a minute tad extra air but ever a little noisier. At what time I want calm, nexus is better. The additional of the sharkoon not worth the additional sound in my books although construct quality Sharkoon wins.

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    Re: Better fans for H50?

    For better option... then it is GT or Apache. Apache has enormous balance of power/sound. But for the entire out it is the Gentle Typhoon esp. coolers given it is superior standing pressure. GT is absolutely louder but it is low hum tone means I do not notice it. I only do at what time I turn off my computer and observe the 'lack of' hum. So depending on what you wish for/require, I would suggest Apache or Gentle Tyhoon for your better option. The 'tone' of the S-Flex fans sketches concentration to itself therefore no for me although they are very good fans.

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