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Thread: Need Guidance to Buy an assembled PC

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    question Need Guidance to Buy an assembled PC

    Hello Friends..I am new to this community.I am planning to buy a new PC but I dont have much knowledge about the latest hardwares.So please suggest me a good configuration.

    I need the PC for general purpose.Mostly I will be using for browsing net,Movies Music etc..One more requirement..sometimes I will be using it for Gaming also.No,I dont want a complete gaming PC with all the latest graphics card etc but it should support Games like call of duty modern warfare etc.

    My budget is somewhere around 20-22K.So please suggest me the configuration with approx prices.One more question-AMD is better or Intel?

    Thank you

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    Re: Need Guidance to Buy an assembled PC

    Usually Intel is better than AMD. For more clarification on this in details, you should checkout this Article: AMD vs. Intel

    Secondly, as per the suggestion for good assembled system, i would suggest you to just checkout the following threads. Am sure you will get more ideas than expected:
    I want to buy budget assembled desktop

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