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Thread: How to install wireless USB adapter without CD

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    How to install wireless USB adapter without CD

    Can someone tell me step by step how to download the software for it, and the installation process, if not come with the installation CD? In the package, it came with says that I can download the software from the website, but I have no internet on the computer I need to put the USB in (for an Internet connection). And in the installation guide only shows you what to do if you have the installation CD. I really need help! This is what really confuses me.

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    re: How to install wireless USB adapter without CD

    I was also faced this type of problem, I lost my CD then I tell this problem to my friends and they suggested me I will go to explain that same to you. Search in Google and find the large yellow buttons and right click and download the driver file. You should be able to take it from there as instructed. if not, then back, I'm sure someone will help. The ZIP file format, so you need to extract first.

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    re: How to install wireless USB adapter without CD

    Sorry, you can use the wireless adapter without the software. That means that either the download, or get a CD. I'm assuming you have a wireless router at home that you will use to access the Internet. All wireless routers include ports for wired connections. Simply run on network cable from the router to your computer and have Internet access. Download the file, configure the wireless card, and then you need the cable. If you cannot do that, you have to have a friend download the driver for you and put it on a CD for you.

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    re: How to install wireless USB adapter without CD

    If for adapter, that CD came with it, it is not compulsory to install so you can download the physical and you will able to arrange it. That goes to pretty much all the manufacture adapter. For wireless adapter, download the driver based on your location of the country or use US download site. Their many solutions available which will help you to download driverís software .you just follow all instruction properly and I am sure your problem will solved.

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    re: How to install wireless USB adapter without CD

    i though the USB should have personal installation…Mine is! All I have to do is confirm I have Windows 7 drivers at the time when I install it on my computer. For XP it installed and works not including any extra drivers. And you have two ways:
    • If you are using a desktop then just purchase a USB network adapter
    • If you have a laptop you should use PCMIA card and now follow the directions that come with them.

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