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Thread: Bluetooth device failed suddenly in windows vista

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    Bluetooth device failed suddenly in windows vista

    In my windows vista compatible Compaq presario f739 TU notebook, the Bluetooth is files as the error message from operating system is flashing every time whenever tried to connect any do something with any Bluetooth device in my notebook. The first problem occurs when I first open the Bluetooth places and tried to send a data from my notebook into my mobile, there a error message is flash from the operating system, that “Bluetooth device failed” to do this operation. I am not a technical person so I am not having such idea regarding this type of problems. So I am here posting my problem, hope someone will surely be help me to overcome from the problem. any input will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Bluetooth device failed suddenly in windows vista

    Is the Bluetooth devices are properly connected? Though this problems can also becomes for the not connecting properly. I would like to suggest you to reconfigure the devices, means with the mobile and your notebook. For that suppose from your mobile Bluetooth wizard search your notebook Bluetooth wizard and click on pair option. It will ask you to enter a name to make them pair, enter that code or passkey on both the devices and paired them. Now try to send or receive the date from one to another, I hope this time you will be able to do this operation.

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    Re: Bluetooth device failed suddenly in windows vista

    As per my opinion, if you are using any third party Bluetooth software program then I think by reload that one the problem will be solved. For that first of all remove the existing one and along with this also remove the temporary folder and registry editor. Now plug the Bluetooth dongle into the USB port of your system and run the installation process, it might take few time to complete and after complete it might ask you to reboot the system, reboot to apply the program. go through this, it will surely help you o resolve the issue.

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    Re: Bluetooth device failed suddenly in windows vista

    Ping to the program and features folder under control panel, and from the drop down list choose and select the Bluetooth driver application which is installed and remove that one. If the Bluetooth is inbuilt in your machine then download the latest driver from manufacturer web site and install into your machine. I had similar issue and by this process I simply overcome from the problem. so try with this.

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