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Thread: Cannot access my 2nd SATA Hard Disk

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    question Cannot access my 2nd SATA Hard Disk

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I hope get along with all of you and also to get an answer to my problem
    First of all, sorry if I may be long but I like explaining in detail so that you can understand my situation better lol.
    Also sorry for my English ^^"

    So my first laptop was an HP Pavilion Dv5 (working under Windows Vista) and it lasted about 1 year before it broke down (fell down).
    I brought it to a reseller of HP products and the cost for repairs were too high so I decided to buy a new one. I bought an HP Pavilion Dv6 (windows 7) this time and it's working great (almost 1 year & taking good care of it).

    Recently I removed the SATA hard disk from the broken laptop because I wanted to use it as an external hard drive or a slave HD.
    Like this, I could free up some space on the laptop I'm currently using by moving all my movies, TV shows, games, etc..
    Therefore, I bought an USB to SATA cable and connected all the cables but I was faced with a problem. When I tried to access the old Hard Disk, an error message came up saying "F:/ is not accessible. Access is denied."
    Here's a screenshot of the error message.

    Also when I right click on the old HD, it shows that its capacity is 0 bytes but I can assure you that the maximum capacity of the old HD is 250 GB. I tried to allow all permissions for access in properties but still nothing. On a last attempt I tried to restart my laptop, boot it on safe mode and when I connected the old hard disk this time it worked completely fine.
    I was able to access all my data which I thought were lost forever including saved games of more than 150 hours of gameplay so I was happy for that.
    But the problem is that it is very annoying and also time consuming for me to access data from the old HD because I always have to restart in safe mode whenever I want to move files and restart back to a normal startup when I'm finished.
    So can anyone please tell me what to do so that I can access data from my old HD without having to always go in safe mode?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have

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    Re: Cannot access my 2nd SATA Hard Disk

    By any chance did you recreated the partition. This kind of issue has been seen when the partition is raw and need to format. Try to connect your hard drive to some other computer peripheral and see whether getting same error or not. If it is detected then first take the back of hard drive and then format the drive. So if you can go with the same and see whether this is working for you or not.

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