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Thread: What are the features of my TV/video pci card

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    What are the features of my TV/video pci card

    I am using a computer which has some multimedia capabilities. There is a PCI card attached to my motherboard that came along with the computer itslef when I first bought. There are several ports in that card and I can see all of them at the back side of my CPU case. There is one female RCA socket which is named as video in and an RF socket. I need to know what exactly the card features. Is it is the TV tuned card or a Video capture card or something different? I donít have much information about it because I didnít get any manual for this card. What may be the features of this card?

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    Re: What are the features of my TV/video pci card

    It seems to me that your card has both the capabilities. As you are telling that it got it with your computer. So I think that is some kind of special device from that computer manufacturer for their own models. A coaxial RF connector is for an Ariel designed for TV to connect PC. It is an electrical connector premeditated to function at radio frequencies within the multi-megahertz variety. By using the RCA socket you able to attach an exterior device from like a DVD player otherwise a Digital Camcorder.

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    Re: What are the features of my TV/video pci card

    A TV tuner for the computer arrives into two essences: one is internal PCI cards and other one is external USB boxes. They formulate it a break to observe full-screen or a full-motion film lying on a screen of your computer, otherwise maintain a stare at resting on a video inside a minor pane at the same time as surfing the Web. There are different kinds of TV tuner cards like Analog TV tuners, Hybrid tuners and Combo tuners. Some of them provide the feature called Mobile TV as well as Video capture.

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    Re: What are the features of my TV/video pci card

    As far as I know the TV tuner cards included RF connector and the Video capture card include RCA connector. But nowadays the manufacturer has combined these 2 connectors in a single piece. In order to get the more information about adapters you can look into PCI slot properties under device manager. I assume that you got special software installed on your computer. Look into that, you will get whole lot information about that multimedia PCI card.

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    Re: What are the features of my TV/video pci card

    I heard that now a day PCI cards have both capability like you mentioned. One card can mutually capture TV as well as video from a DVD player or camcorder. I think that it will be little hard to say what kind of features included in your PCI cards. There are different variants from different manufacturer. But the aim of all cards is same except they come with some additional feature.

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