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Thread: Getting unspecified Error in Windows 7 DVD Maker

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    Getting unspecified Error in Windows 7 DVD Maker

    I have made a video with several WMV files that I formed along with Windows Live Movie Maker from JPG images and a number of MOV and AVI originals. I Saved to WMV at HD (for the reason that the standard definition destroyed the quality of the images). I place in MP3s for music on all of the files.
    When I try to burn a DVD from Windows DVD Maker, it obtains to 0.0% (about 10 seconds after clicking the burn button) and then dies along with an "Unspecified Error". Now what? I have Windows 7 Ultimate.

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    Re: Getting unspecified Error in Windows 7 DVD Maker

    OK. I did some more Google and established that you are able to disable individual CODECs (in the alternatives panel of DVD maker). I have disabled them all and at the present my "Creating DVD, please wait " screen is up to 4.0% complete. I will let you acquainted with if it completes and burns the DVD in an hour or two. Actually when I was searching the solution for this issue then I have seen that many of the user are facing this issue and in them many user have tried this and they got the fix for their issue so you can go for this And please remember that if after trying this you get solution for your query so just update over here. And also if you get any solution which is better than this post it over here so that others also can take the advantage of this.

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    Re: Getting unspecified Error in Windows 7 DVD Maker

    This happened to me for the 1st time I attempted to try Win DVD maker a small number of months ago inside Windows7 Home Prem. Having no endurance for reading instructions & particularly none for the process of elimination thing particularly when I have to stay the usual amount of time presently to obtain the message that "Nope still won't work" in a number of words or other. So if any suggestion then share it.

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    Re: Getting unspecified Error in Windows 7 DVD Maker

    After burning a number of coasters I consideration to attempt testing my next video effort by finishing & saving my project as high definition or any video category. Allow Movie Maker go through the long (avg 2 - 3 hour for 1.5 hr film) then I open DVD maker, and in this I go into the film file BUT I set in a DVD Rewritable disc. So after doing this I hit burn As soon as the 1st one burns on a much reused Rewritable disc I pop in a usual DVD R+ Disc & hit burn another time. And it works all time. After that I tried up till now another time direct to a regular single burn disc & again got the dreaded error message. So please any suggestion then recommend me.

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