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Thread: Cabinet with inbuilt 450Watts SMPS for GTX 460

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    Cabinet with inbuilt 450Watts SMPS for GTX 460

    I am looking forward to buy a brand new GPU called GTX 460 but I need help with some of my system specification. My specs are as follows.
    Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4 GHz Processor
    • Mercury PNMCP73V Mother Board (Nvidia GeForce7050/610i chipset)
    • HDD:

    ST31000340AS Barracuda 7200.11 SATA 3 GB/s 1-TB
    ST3500410AS Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 3 GB/s 500GB
    ST3250410AS Barracuda 7200.10 SATA 3.0 GB/s 250-GB
    • Dual Layer LG DVD Writer
    • DDR2 RAM - 2GB

    My Cabinet is Frontech with built in SMPS with only 450 Watts. Is this enough to run GTX 460? Should I need to buy a new PSU as well? What is the difference between SMPS and PSU? Can I use new PSU only for GTX 460? I am currently waiting for a good suggestion.

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    Re: Cabinet with inbuilt 450Watts SMPS for GTX 460

    The 450W is enough for that GPU as long as you have a branded PSU. Usually the PSU that came along with case or cabinet are third party PSUs. They are not much compatible. In your case the PSU is Frontech? So I urge you either dump your PSU or a GPU. You cannot use both along because you will end up with dump. If you are looking forward for an upgrade of PSU then I urge you to go for either VX550W or CM690, both are under 5k to 6k INR. One last thing is that the SMPS and PSU both are same and same thing.

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    Re: Cabinet with inbuilt 450Watts SMPS for GTX 460

    I think that you can use 2 PSU in one computer; I have read some articles about it before. But I donít know how to configure them. My concern id other than using 2 PSU you can afford one good PSU, with these you can save lots of space and cable management inside case. When I checked the power consumption of GTX460 1GB, I got 270W something on full load. So I think you should better find a higher watt SMPS. My option is VX550W or Seasonic 500W.

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    Re: Cabinet with inbuilt 450Watts SMPS for GTX 460

    When I concern about several users they told me that the inbuilt SMPS is not capable of handling 1GB GPU when it is in high load and stress. GTX 460 is roughly in the elevated end cards field. You might as well explain some esteem for your acquisition by receiving a suitable (solitary) PSU. Besides, short end PSU's do not yield their predefined watts. There are troubles with effectiveness, wave, power, energy etc. You will finish up entailing a foremost repair if you depart about unquestioning such PSU's. Now only option left is get a single good PSU that you can afford presently.

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    Re: Cabinet with inbuilt 450Watts SMPS for GTX 460

    Low-priced PSU's perhaps rated at 500W but in reality they don't provide the output of 500W when the GPU is in full load or when it is needed. On pinnacle of that majority of them don't include dynamic PFC. which can be a disappointment and contaminated power is somewhat that inexpensive PSU's proficiency in. the modern days Hardware peripherals canít handle by this. Some of the game like Crysis makes a heavy stress in GPU. Other thing that you are using 3 separate HDD. As seeing all these specification I think that you need to dump inbuilt SMPS into garbage.

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