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Thread: How to setup custom paper size for Epson LX-300 printer

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    How to setup custom paper size for Epson LX-300 printer

    I have just now a few days ago brought a new Epson LX-300 printer. And now I wanted to customize the paper size but I am failed to do that because I didnít know much about the printers. So I want to ask you are there any method to set the custom paper size for the Epson LX- 300 Help! I am using Windows XP as an operating system on my system. Please help me if you know the step please post to me I will be really thankful to you all. Please

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    Re: How to setup custom paper size for Epson LX-300 printer

    Eh! Friends I am also suffering with the similar trouble in LX-300+ customize paper size. Help me also please. I am not understanding that what should I do for getting the option of the customize paper size. For that I have gone to the Windows XP's Printers and Faxes option, from the start menu chooses the file and the Server Properties and in the forms of tab. And after that I have mark the option to create a new form and provide the required paper size and print area settings. But I failed to get the option of custom file size. Please guys help me I have to print the paper of the size of 960 x 140mm with the help of dot net application. Please help us.

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    Re: How to setup custom paper size for Epson LX-300 printer

    If you are trying to make use of the Epson drivers let me tell you that doesnít makes any different because usually the driver for this is already in built in the Windows XP operating system. And you will never be capable to be relevant your custom paper size. But do this with the help of IBM Pro Printer II driver 9 pins broad; with it you will be capable to concern your custom settings that you want. This is for the reason that all the contact printers are stand in the IBM model. Hope this will help you all, try to solve with this and post me the result. Good Luck

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    Re: How to setup custom paper size for Epson LX-300 printer

    I am using this printer on Windows XP since last five years and I know the steps how to set the custom paper size in Espon LX 300. For that you need to follow the below simple steps
    1. First step is to open the Printers or Printers and Faxes pane.
    2. After then Right click on Epson Printer and choose Printing Preferences option.
    3. After that you should choose the User Defined from the paper size drop down catalog on the Main menu or on the paper tab option.
    4. After that you have to enter the custom paper size that you want and give the name for future use.
    5. And choose the Save button and then OK.
    6. After OK select once again OK button.

    And you will be able to print the paper with the desired size. And after this also if you are not able to get the desired size their might be the chances of hardware issue or due to some virus attack.

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