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Thread: Crucial Real SSD C300 64 gb vs. OCZ Vertex 2 60 gb

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    Crucial Real SSD C300 64 gb vs. OCZ Vertex 2 60 gb

    I am interested to go for a SSD. And here I am having two choices. The first one is 64GB Crucial Sata III C300. And the second one is Sandforce drives. I am trying to find out which one is better her.e I need something that can help me to get a good output. Does OCZ Vertex 60GB will be a better upgrade for a pc. I want to install windows on this and test out the output. I am getting a very slow performance because of the regular drives. My primary work is related to video editing and this thing is not working.

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    I think C300 has already built a good reputation in the market. And you must go for this. I found this one a bit more reliable. You will get a good output and you can enjoy the performance on the same. The drive offer you a nice data read and write limit of 300MB/s. This is on SATA interface-2. And also the drive is a bit cheaper compare to others. If you go with costly one then it is not easy to buy a good model. Here Vertex Series 2 is also fine and can give you a new architecture with good performance. But do have a look on the cost.

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    Re: Crucial Real SSD C300 64 gb vs. OCZ Vertex 2 60 gb

    Always check for the price comparision of different drive so that it gets easier for you to decide which is good and which is not. There are ample of SSD's in the market that comes loaded with good space, and are also reasonable. But you dont get the brand that you are looking for. There are ample of new companies coming up which comes loaded with good amount of space. And upgrade on the same is also not much complicated.

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    OCZ Vertex Series 2 - 60 GB Key features:
    • Capacity: 60 GB
    • SandForce controller (SF1200)
    • Support the TRIM control (with compatible OS)
    • Compatible RAID
    • Form Factor: 2.5 "(99.8 x 69.63 x 9.3mm)
    • Mounting bracket in 3.5 "bay included
    • Serial-ATA II 3 Gbps
    • Read Speed: 285 MBps
    • Write speed: 275 Mbps
    • 50,000 IOPS (random write 4 kB)
    • Access time: less than 0.1 ms

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