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Thread: Windows 7: CD or DVD for Toshiba TSST TS L633A not working

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    Windows 7: CD or DVD for Toshiba TSST TS L633A not working

    I am continuously trying but my CD or DVD for my Toshiba writer not working with Windows 7. It is working very well with ITUNES. In Control Panel it says working well. Even my CD or DVD wonít read disc with or without data. It tried to play them, after that the flap opens and throws out the disc, and saying: Please insert a disc into drive. It is in progress as irregular and currently just read or rips iTunes. I have tried to make use of Microsoft Fix it and it told me that it could not read the disc and was no assist. I also have tried to make use of the Microsoft Solution, regarding Disable the Adaptive Link Power Management that is ALPM feature though, while I release the command prompt and paste the all the six commands it says: The power scheme, subgroup or setting specified does not exist. The website does not specify what directory you have to be in. I called Toshiba and was told to uninstall the driver after that reboot, but this did not do anything in my case. I have investigated regarding deleting upper and lower filters in registry file but I am below the faith that this is a Vista Solution only. I called Microsoft and was told there would be s extensive cost. My investigation indicated that this has been a trouble since about 6 to 7 month before. I have checked Samsung and Toshiba for firmware updates devoid of a outcome. While I run an update driver, the system tells me that it is the newest driver and the whole thing is all right but actually itís not.

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    Re: Windows 7: CD or DVD for Toshiba TSST TS L633A not working

    Have you installed or setup any third party CD or DVD burning software? If your computer is containing troubles with a newly installed device or additional hardware, try utilizing the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to fix the crisis or problem. It checks for general problems and makes certain that any novel device or hardware attached to your computer was setup or installed properly.

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    Re: Windows 7: CD or DVD for Toshiba TSST TS L633A not working

    If you have installed any third party CD or DVD burning tools like Nero, daemon tools and Virtual CD then just eliminate or just delete them and confirm if those are reasoning the disagreement. Will it work for you if you stop all not necessary third party programs and non Microsoft services? Make sure in the clean boot state if you contain the DVD working. Then Microsoft can restrict or reduce to the contradictory program causing the disagreement.

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    Re: Windows 7: CD or DVD for Toshiba TSST TS L633A not working

    I attempted nearly all and it obtained inferior. I Removed the filters after that iTunes and the DVD would not work at all. After that I attempted to reinstall Microsoft windows 7. But because it could not read the drive it didnít work. I after that moved reverse to basics, used the Toshiba Factory reset, reformatted, reinstalled Vista and initiated once more. It took approximately 3 days to get it all finished. The DVD Rom was working well. After that I setup ITunes. All emerged to be working. After that I place in the Windows 7 installation disc and the trouble has happening all over yet again. So it shows ITunes is doing something to command the drive so not anything else can utilize it. Please assist.

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    Re: Windows 7: CD or DVD for Toshiba TSST TS L633A not working

    I am also struggle with the similar problem. I am not reformatting and opening another time. I do not have the time as well. While you move into my computer and click on the DVD or CD drive it opens the gate and says: Please insert disc. Nothing subsequently occurs. The drive reads and after that goes quiet. There is no auto function also. I have run the fix it program and it says there is a difficulty but it wonít assist me any further. So I am helpless, please help me.

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    Re: Windows 7: CD or DVD for Toshiba TSST TS L633A not working

    I don't know where the trouble is or what the trouble is. I am utilizing TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS L633A. I Cannot Burn DVDs and I also cannot read DVDs. I was able to burn and read DVDs earlier but currently I can't. If I place an empty DVD inside, it acquires 10 minutes or earlier than it can read it, after that if I try to burn using PowerISO 4.6, it begins burning, and afterward it stops and gives me this error: 17:23:02 Error writing data. If I attempt to place in DVD movies in, it cannot read it. Now, I don't feel that the trouble is with the Blank DVD itself; I think somewhere there is a trouble in my Burner. What could it be? I have attempted utilizing troubleshooting software, but it came up with zero.

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