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Thread: Using Belkin n52te on Windows 7

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    Using Belkin n52te on Windows 7

    I am having a Belkin n52te which is I am using from many months on my Windows XP machine. Now I have got the new laptop on which I am running Windows 7 operating system. Problem is when I connect my Belkin n52te with this laptop then it is not getting detected. It shows an error "USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfuntioned, and Windows does not recognize it." But when I connect it with my windows xp desktop again then it works perfectly fine.

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    Re: Using Belkin n52te on Windows 7

    It seems like the new laptop on which you are trying to use the Belkin n52te does not contains the proper drivers for the same. I suggest you to download and install the driver for the device which you are trying to use on your machine. Such kind of problems persists whenever windows machine does not contain accurate drivers. I suggest you to go to the Device Manager for getting the proper drivers for your device as per the operating system which you have installed on your laptop.

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    Re: Using Belkin n52te on Windows 7

    It is true that you should always update the drivers of hardware that you have connected with your windows machine but how will you select the hardware in the Device Manager which has not been detected by the windows machine. So I think there would be some other problem which might be causing this issue. Shall I try to running Windows XP on my laptop too?

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    Re: Using Belkin n52te on Windows 7

    According to me, Your laptop has some problem with the USB port itself which might not be able to detect the devices connected to it. I suggest you to check about the same by connecting some other device such as headphones which are default hardware and does not any special drivers to get detected on windows machine. If headphones gets detected then there could be some incompatibility issue between the gaming keyboard and windows 7 os.

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