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Thread: Fuser error with my P3005 Laser printer

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    Fuser error with my P3005 Laser printer

    Hi all, I have some problem with my printer. I have Hp P3005 Laser printer. It was working fine earlier but yesterday when I tried to print one document then instead of printing the document it shows me error message that says 49FF04 error message and 50.2 fuser unit problems. I have to take the printout for documentation of my college project. So I request you give me quick reply as I have to submit the document soon.

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    Re: Fuser error with my P3005 Laser printer

    I donít have any idea about the error that you are getting but yes there is a software available on internet by which you will be able to print the documents properly. Once you are completed with the documentation then convert that to PDF file and then use this to take printout.
    1. First of all download and install FinePrint.
    2. For printing PDF documents Point to FinePrint
    3. After that you have to select the printer you want the PDF files to print to.
    4. FinePrint will provide your 1020 printer with PCL capabilities.

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    Re: Fuser error with my P3005 Laser printer

    It may be the problem with the driver for the printer. If the printer driver is corrupted then you may get the problems like this. My suggestion to you is to uninstall the driver and install it again. Now try to print some pages. See whether you get the same error or not. If you are getting that again then you can search for the latest driver available for your printer on the manufacturer site. Download and install that. This will solve the problem for you.

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    Re: Fuser error with my P3005 Laser printer

    Which software you are using to print the document? I am asking this to you because if the software that you are using is corrupted then also you may get some error. You must have the software CD that comes with the printer. Install that software again. If you don’t have that then you can get it from the HP site. You just have to select the model for your printer.

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