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Thread: Troubleshooting DP55KG with hanging problem

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    Troubleshooting DP55KG with hanging problem

    I was having Intel Desktop Board DP55KG with Microsoft windows 7 operating system involved on it. The Desktop Board DP55KGwas having very good feature of overclocking. Due to this we can increase the CPU speed for achieving better performance. The desktop board also has the feature of ATI Crossfire and NVIDIA SLI technology which gives amazing graphic performance. While starting the system it freezes. After restarting the system again it starts correctly. I need solution so that I can troubleshoot this problem.

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    Re: Troubleshooting DP55KG with hanging problem

    The windows 7 operating system might be hanging or freezing in between because of BIOS. You must not have updated the BIOS. You must update the BIOS with the latest update. You can download the latest BIOS update from the official website. After downloading the latest BIOS you need to unzip. Double click on the executable BIOS update file. Your BIOS updation will start to run. After updating the BIOS, restart the system and your system has now been upgraded with the latest BIOS file.

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    Re: Troubleshooting DP55KG with hanging problem

    Your working of the system is dependent on various factors and unless and until these factors are working properly your system will go a long way. Your system should have the proper installation of operating system, software, driver, external devices. Due to proper installation of all these peripheral devices, software and hardware will lead to startup the system correctly. If the system is hanging in between or while the start up then you can easily resolve it. To resolve the system hanging you need to update the drivers, update the BIOS. After updation your system freezing problem will be solved and the system will start properly.

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    Re: Troubleshooting DP55KG with hanging problem

    Before the installation of new operating system you should check that it meets all the specified requirements. To fix the system freezing problem you will require checking the RAM sticks. You can also try to interchange the RAM stick into other slots. You can also improve the performance by upgrading the RAM. The freezing might occur because of overheating of CPU. If your CPU gets overheated then you should use some additional software that can be used for cooling the CPU. Also the cords should be tied together so that it doesn’t blocks the air flow. If all the things are proper then the system will not hang.

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    Re: Troubleshooting DP55KG with hanging problem

    Thanks for providing me the solution. From the above given solution I have checked the system requirements of the windows operating system. The requirements are fulfilled but after the fulfillments of the entire requirement still the system freezes on startup. I need a solution through which I can solve the freezing problem during the system startup.

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    Re: Troubleshooting DP55KG with hanging problem

    Whenever you start the operating system it might freeze on startup for some time. You can solve this startup problem of the operating system very easily. To troubleshoot the startup problem you need to follow the below given steps:
    1. Start the system and click on the start button from the bottom of the desktop.
    2. Now you need to type “msconfig” command in the run window and press the enter key.
    3. After typing the “msconfig” command and pressing the enter key, it will open the System Configuration window. In the System Configuration window, click on the services tab.
    4. Select Background Intelligence Transfer from the services tab and disable it by unchecking the checkbox next to it.
    5. Now click on apply, and then click on ok button to apply the changes and restart the system.
    6. Now applying these settings will solve the problem of freezing of the system while startup.

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