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Thread: can lamptron fc-2 fan control 3 delta fans ?

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    can lamptron fc-2 fan control 3 delta fans ?

    I have got a gaming rig in , system and an lamptron fc-2 fan controller with 3 Delta PFB1212UHE-F00, I used to control these fans under 5v, but since you can see how the graphics and capacity of this games are increasing day by day and my system too heats up very quickly , so I wanted to know if these controller can control these fans upto 12 volts or not , or can you suggest me any other controller which can do this task.

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    re: can lamptron fc-2 fan control 3 delta fans ?

    Well I am very sorry to tell you but I think my answer will be a no , this task will not be in the scope of your lamptron fc-2 fan controller because the fan has reached over it maximum channel capability , the fan has a rating of 48 watts while your controller can reach up to 45 watt per each channel , even if the fan has the rating of 45 watts then also it is not advisable to the 100 percent of the capacity.

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    re: can lamptron fc-2 fan control 3 delta fans ?

    Well it seems you are playing much more high end games because you fan is not able to control the three delta fans being installed in your system . So rather than using the lamptron fc-2 fan which cannot exceed 45 watts , I think you should DIY > 5 AMP Fan Controller , which has the capacity to control the fans over 90 watts , so install it in your cpu and if you face any difficulty in installing it then please let me know.

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    re: can lamptron fc-2 fan control 3 delta fans ?

    If you ask me the same question then I will not recommend you lamptron fan controller , if you are not aware it makes a terrible sound , when it goes a bit old and it also produces such sound if your system contains a PCM controller of some inferior quality They show in their publicity that it has some lightning features but it has nothing like that so if you ask me about this controller then please replace it as fast as you can.

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