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Thread: Testing the heat sink temperature

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    Testing the heat sink temperature

    I have got a desktop computer , I have installed an AMD Athlon II processor , have an ASUS motherboard , 320GB of internal hard disk space and 2 GB of RAM installed in my computer. Since I love to play computer games and that too of higher graphics so for that purpose I have installed a GTX graphic in the pcie slot of my ASUS motherboard. But since I use my system for the pc games mostly m it gets heated very quickly for that I want to know how much my heat sinks get heated, so is there any tool which will help me in measuring the temperature of the heat sink , so that I can take preventive steps if I want to keep it cooler than before . What is the reason for so much heating in my system. If you have some steps and tips for cooling , then that would be more beneficial. I am eagerly waiting for your response.

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    Re: Testing the heat sink temperature

    With this sum of heat output companies that make heatsinks that could grip the supplementary heat pressure. conventionally the answer has been to manufacture larger products but this has confirmed to be mot acceptable because increase in the copper and he aluminum overheads. The 72-7712 Digital Thermometer is a tool manufactured by Tenma Test Equipment is meter which has a a dual thermocouple , you can connect it with the USB and log log the heat internal heat.

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    Re: Testing the heat sink temperature

    Even though the devices which needs to be cooled have come out the way in which these devices can be tested , these testing methodology has been intact for many years. I will tell the readers of our forum to a innovative method of CPU heatsink testing and will show them how the system functions as we can test them in a pair of any of the AMD or Intel heatsinks Let me tell you that there are in fact two parts of a computer cpu system that requires to be tested and to be controlled. The processor must have consistent heat output at all the three levels such as full, middle and the last which is idle , at that time the air will surround the heatsink, which maintains a steady temperature.

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    Re: Testing the heat sink temperature

    I think you are facing this issue because already you are using an AMD processor and you use it fo gaming, If you do not know lt me tell you if you ask my opinion AMD processors are much more suitable for the gaming purpose than the Intel as far the Intel is being considered, but not when you ask about the heat dissipation. These processors get heated very quickly and you had said you use a video card , which increases the heat of the processor at a faster rate and if you ask about the cooling tips you should place your system in a colder location and make sure it does not get overheated or you will have to bear dare consequences.

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    Re: Testing the heat sink temperature

    There is one more alternative you can do for case cooling, this method is opted out while we there is a special demand is made or while on consulting any project. Remove the side panel and reinstate it with a panel that is made of plastic , I think it will have some has small holes at the distance of every one inch, you will be able to see it in a grid pattern .You can attach thermocouple a stick that should be round in the shape from the top and the bottom I suggest you to use wooden skewers , after increasing the length from 1 inch you can mark over there. Yes I know it is a bit trick , but it is quite useful as well.

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