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Thread: HP Scanjet 7400c need Driver for windows 7

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    HP Scanjet 7400c need Driver for windows 7

    Hi I have recently bought new HP 7400c scanjet. I had also got a new laptop. At the time of purchase it came pre-installed with Windows XP home Edition. I had upgraded the same to Windows 7. After that there is a issue with the printer. I am not able to find a working driver for the system. I tried to install the xp drivers on the same but that is not working. Can anyone help me to get rid of this problem. Windows just detect it as a unknown devices.

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    When you trying to install new operating system then it is also good to take backup of your old windows partition. So that in case if something happen and your windows is unable to boot you have option to easily restore incase your existing hardware stopped working. The only way to find a proper driver for the printer is to look on the official site. This drivers are provided by HP directly. And no other provide that.

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    It is possible to install Windows XP drivers on Windows 7 through compatibility mode. It is a tiny way through which you can run old version of files, software and drivers on the new operating system and things are going to work well and simple. All you have to do is simply right click on the setup file of the driver and choose properties. And then from that you have to click on the compatibility mode. Just select a OS compatibility as Windows XP and then run the setup.

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