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Thread: How many numbers of cooling fans I have to keep for my computer

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    How many numbers of cooling fans I have to keep for my computer

    I have to brought my one and only one gaming system; I have to managed it in low budget thatís why I am trying to save my money and one more reason is that I have less amount with me, hence I am going for self building with myself instead of buying a inbuilt complete system. I havenít bought but I am looking for buying the PC with the following configuration.
    Processor: Intel core i7 LGA 1366
    Motherboard: Biostar TF7050
    RAM: Transcend DDR2 2*2GB 2000MHz Tri-kit
    Hard drive: Hitachi 500gb Serial ATA/300 7200RPM, 32MB Buffer
    Video card: Discrete video card.
    Just I have to decide that how many fans I should attach with my system, because incase of gaming you didnít care the amount of time you have kept your system running. And because of this I have not purchased a cabinet case. Please help me.

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    Re: How many numbers of cooling fans I have to keep for my computer

    You should keep in mind; that it's not just a matter that how many fans you have to buy; you should also take care of arranging them. And fan is most important device to keep your chip cool thatĎs why it have the biggest fan upon it which is inbuilt. You fan should have face towards the chip o keep it cool and also you should have another fan to throughout the heat. From my calculation you have invested much more money in buying the rest of the devices. And also the number of fans you are keeping is dependent on the surrounding where you are keeping your system. The best place is in the area where your Air conditioner is placed. Good luck

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    Re: How many numbers of cooling fans I have to keep for my computer

    You can say that I am a hardcore gamer, out of 24 hrs; I use to expense my 10 hrs daily in playing game with my system. But it has never provided me the indication of having extra fans on my system. What I wanted to say is that it never given me any notification “that your system is overheated”. But if you really wanted to attach an extra fan then you can attach one or two is sufficient for any system. Today there are certain software that monitor you system temperature if it goes above they will save your current state and will restart the system.

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    Re: How many numbers of cooling fans I have to keep for my computer

    I was paining to buy a new computer due to regular message of temperature increase in your system. I didnít have any idea of computer just I know the MS office on which I use to work. Thanks for the all advice of fans. Now firstly I will be going for an extra fan for my system. And some more information I needed from all of you that how to fix the fan into the cabinet. As you said two will be enough for keeping my system cool. Please help me

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