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Thread: “Printhead error in Dell v310 series printer”

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    “Printhead error in Dell v310 series printer”

    I hope some from here you definitely help me to solve the peculiar issue that I am facing. I am college student and having a Dell V310 series printer which is attached with my Dell computer. I basically used this one for collecting notes from internet and if needed then some of them will print. But the problem I was faced suddenly is that, my printer is giving me error during I was taking the print of certain pages from the printer. First it shows that the printer print head is full clean this with the yes and no option. I simply in the first time I cleaned that. But after that this was not allowed me to print any document. I am not having any idea on this problem, what should I do? Any tricks to solve this issue?

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    Re: “Printhead error in Dell v310 series printer”

    As per my knowledge this is definitely driver or the software application of the printer issue, because as I think the error message that you mentioned in your post will occur when the printer driver or the software will crashed. And this one can solved by the update the driver, if you are using this one from a long time then I suggest you to update the driver from control panel and you will locate this one from the fax and printer tab, open the printer sun tan and from there go to the properties of the desire driver. Now right click on driver name and select the update option. Try this I hope this will surely help you to solve the issue.

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    Re: “Printhead error in Dell v310 series printer”

    Though the error that you mentioned, is sounds as the printer hardware issue, so suggest you to remove the printer from your machine and reconnect after take a reconfiguration with the printer. Now reboot the machine and along with that re-install the driver and the software application that you installed for the printer into your machine. Remember that during the process the printer should not be plugged in with the machine, and after reinstall the driver and software leave the computer to detect the hardware by default by the computer. After the detecting automatically the hardware it will direct you to use the device. Now run the application software of printer.

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    Re: “Printhead error in Dell v310 series printer”

    Remove the cartridge(s) from your printer and insert another cartridges either from the other printer or the new one, just for confirming that the cartridges is ok in your printer. Or try by remove and reinsert the same cartridges into the printer. Because the print head informations are stored in cartridges chip. So the chip might be crashed or damaged, for this you are getting this type of problem. So by re-insert the cartridges chip this problem might be solved. Remember that while you are removing the printer from your machine do not remove directly from the printer, select the safety remove option. While you are removing the cartridges chip from your .printer make sure that the printer is turned off.
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    Re: “Printhead error in Dell v310 series printer”

    I am also facing the similar issue with my HP printer, which I am using for print normal page printing along with that sometimes print the normal mode in normal mode. The problem is occurred wheel I was taking a print of normal page mode from a pdf file. It simply stops the printing of that page and flashes massage in the screen that the printer is not recognized by the computer. During the print after getting this type of sudden message I shocked and disconnect the printer directly from the printer and reboot the machine. This is the connectivity problem that I can understand, but why this problem occurs suddenly for that I was worrying.\any idea on this and how to solve this issue? Any input will be thankful for me.

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