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Thread: RAW file system on the USB Drive

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    RAW file system on the USB Drive

    Hi friends, I make use of the Alba USB mp3 player. I try to format regularly but it displays me the error message that the file system is raw. After that when I use the /Fs: switch, it displays me the message that "0mb, cannot calculate number of sectors". Than when I want to open it, I click on it but it does not open and says that cannot copy the files or remove the files. I tried to format it but it says it’s WRITE PROTECTED. Any Software’s I used but it doesn’t work. please help what can be the problem behind it. how could i change the Raw file system.

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    Re: RAW file system on the USB Drive

    I think that; try to repartition the USB drive. To make the repartition make use of the Disk Management to repartition the USB drive. Also the flash drives and any removable media drive cannot be partitioned by windows operating system. Until and unless you manually flip a bit that says that the device is removable. In this case it does not matter, it very sounds like that the flash memory has failed in a critical area preventing the drive from being formatted.

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    Re: RAW file system on the USB Drive

    Usually my Flash stick gets fails and went automatically to RAW. After that I follow certain steps to change it to the FAT system. But not known that the mp3 USB is different or not.
    First go to the My computer, in that go to the control panel, after it go to Administrative Tools, than to Computer Management. In that go to the Storage, in that select Disk Management group on the left, and then right click on your USB drive on the right. Finally remove the RAW partition and then create the new FAT system.

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    Re: RAW file system on the USB Drive

    My flash drive was having the same problem. But this worked for me on my flash drive. If you want to format the flash drive in the fat 32 then when you plug the flash drive in to your computer go to the command line. Type in the format (flash Drive disk letter): /a: 512 /fs: fat. It means that format f: /a: 512 /fs: fat. If this did not format the drive than go to the computer management and then format the drive as fat 32 and then you will be easy to use it. But my flash drive was the older one that is of 512MB. I dont no whether it works for you.

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    Re: RAW file system on the USB Drive

    There is not much thing that I can suggest to you rather than going to the USB flash drive company’s website and from there seek for support. Try to do the following things, firstly go to the Desktop and then double click on the My computer icon. In to the My computer you will get the flash drive, right click on to the flash drive and then click on to the format option, in that select the FAT or the FAT32, and then finally “Quick format” and then start your flash drive with new FAT file system. HP provides the formatting utility; it works on the any of the flash drive.

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