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Thread: Problem in hard drive after booting with Win 7 BCD

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    Problem in hard drive after booting with Win 7 BCD

    Hello friends I have installed Windows 7 64-bit during last month, But suddenly this weekend it resolute to have a Error which is connected to a booting problem. Nothing was distorted or installed that would of concern the drive. I have examine many forms & they all set to boot from the disk and run the Windows Recovery Program and run the repair component to secure the problem. I had done this and the upturn unit just hung there. Now when I attempt to boot from the window 7 disk, it will not let me.
    Is the bum driving a corpse? Is there any method to save the statistics if I canít boot from the Win 7 disk and the drive is not identifiable/legible from another set up of the Operating System from one more drive?
    so please let me know about this of my problem.

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    Re: Problem in hard drive after booting with Win 7 BCD

    Hie, I think that It definitely sounds like your PCís hard drive may get failed. I believe that it's the other method around although, the booting failure is associated to the SMART error. If you think this is not making any clicking sounds my guess is the controller has failed. If you had an indistinguishable drive you could attempt to exchanging the circuit boards and perhaps get your data back again. But if the BIOS cannot able to see it and it put off your PC from booting your odds of getting data off of it are slim. If it was clicking or making other odd noises I would propose the freezer trick but I don't believe that will toil in this case. If all else not achieve something you could try it. If you have an external USB drive inclusion it might be value a shot place it in that and connecting it following windows loads.

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    Re: Problem in hard drive after booting with Win 7 BCD

    Yeah thanks for the reply for my post yes there is big issue for not recognizing the hard drive after booting with windows 7 with BCD the idea which you shown I had applied that there is no clicking sound and the bios does identify the hard drive (since whenever the computer loads and doing its checks it observe the drive). I do not have an identical drive but I believe that I have an external USB Drive in some place...I will give this a try.I was discussion with the co-work and he recommended that it could also be a blistered out sector on the drive.

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    Re: Problem in hard drive after booting with Win 7 BCD

    Most of the occasion if it is a mechanical breakdown the drive will still demonstrate up in the BIOS. When the electronics crap out the BIOS cannot able to figure out what it is & what it does. If a division of the platter was spoiled I would be expecting the drive to still work. You just would not be able to admit the data on that division of the platter. If it was the boot sector with the master file table you likely wouldn't be able to "easily" get any data. You would have to use data healing programs. When the controller went the information is generally still there, there is immediately no technique to get it devoid of put back the controller. If the hardware is broken down no quantity of software is disappearing make the heads move. When you slaved the drive in your personal computer did you make sure the drive choose jumpers? You will probably have to change the jumpers to make it a slave if it's on the similar channel with another drive.

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