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Thread: What to do with unused printer ink

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    What to do with unused printer ink

    Hi all, I am using an inkjet printer but unfortunately it has stopped working. Now I am left with Epson ink cartridges for that and that are none of my use. Therefore I want to that is there any registered charity that can make use of that? The one I having are T026 & T027. Thank you in advance for your suggestion.

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    Re: What to do with unused printer ink

    If there is no one who can use that then I recommend you not to throw that. There are many charities that recycle the ink cartridges to raise the fund. There are many charities that do not take the epsons but if you search then you will definitely found the one that accept the epsons. This is based on how many do you have.

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    Re: What to do with unused printer ink

    If you are not getting the Epson printers to work then you can do a reset to fix this problem. It will be great for you if you try this and got your printer working back. I would like to tell you that all the Modern Epson printers have the built in firmware or I can say software that is made to count the no of prints that you do and it has certain limit. If your printer crosses that limit then will show you a message that will say that "your printer requires maintenance". You will continuously get this message if you don’t reset the 'Protection Counter'. This condition is called the overflow. If it reached to the overflow condition then it will stop the working of the printer totally.

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    Re: What to do with unused printer ink

    You can try to use the SSC Service Utility to fix this issue. You will easily find this if you search for this on internet. I am listing the main features for this over here so that this will be helpful to you to understand this.
    • This will work directly with CSIC in Epson Stylus printerís cartridges.
    • This will rewrite if there is any chip that is using the special addon device.
    • It will help you to freeze internal ink counters.
    • If the cartridges is empty the also you can reset the internal ink counters.
    • It supports the Hot swapping of cartridges.
    • You can also reset the of protection counter.
    • It supports more than 100 different Epson printers.

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