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Thread: Unable to install IP2200 driver

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    Unable to install IP2200 driver

    Yesterday, I was trying to install IP2200 driver on my machine because I wanted to use my Canon PIXMA printer. And for that I have downloaded this driver and was trying to install it by extracting files. But I am getting same problem again and again that is, I want to convert rpm files to deb. I don’t have any idea of that. If anyone having knowledge on all of this then please tell me. Any suggestion will appreciate. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Unable to install IP2200 driver

    Here I have given you command for converting files from rpm to deb using alien. Type this command, “sudo alien <put your rpm file here>” for example, if I want to convert AVG RPM file then I will write “sudo alien avg-10.0.1.rpm”. After putting your file name run that command and then alien will create a .deb file. The file which will convert from rpm to deb will locate in the same directory and then you can use it.After you run that command alien should then do its magic and create a .deb file in the same directory for you to use.

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    Re: Unable to install IP2200 driver

    For converting rpm files to deb you have use alien tool you can easily install this tool on Ubuntu and Debian system. For installing alien type
    • "sudo apt-get install alien".
    If you have not install rpm file then for that
    • "sudo alien -k name-of-rpm-file.rpm"
    . Similarily give this command in terminal for installing deb package file
    • "sudo dpkg -i name-of-created-deb-file.deb

    To convert this rpm files to deb you have to give this command
    • "sudo alien -i name-of-rpm-file.rpm"

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    Re: Unable to install IP2200 driver

    As far I know that, Linux kernels are comes with the IPW2200 driver already. You just have to download firmware version for that. You can unpack this folder by giving this command “tar xf ipw2200-fw-3.0.gz”. In this unpacked folder you will find three files with .fw. Move these three files to /lib/firmware and reboot the computer. I hope this information may help you. If you are having any other queries then reply me.

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