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Thread: Steps for laptop battery long life

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    Steps for laptop battery long life

    I am using Dell laptop from last two years. But few days back due to some problems in my systemís battery I had to change the battery. Now my laptop is having new battery but still I am facing some problem with the performance of the system. I need to know the solutions that can be applied so that there is no problem with my battery in addition it should provide excellent performance.

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    Re: Steps for laptop battery long life

    Steps to follow so that batteries should go for a long time:

    • Keep the battery cool by switching off your system when not in use.
    • Avoid burning CD on battery power.
    • When not using laptop store the battery at 30-50% of charge
    • You must also give full discharge to battery for at least once a week.
    • Even though it's stated that you don't have to i still like to give it a full discharge at least once a week.

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    Re: Steps for laptop battery long life

    When purchasing a replacement rechargeable battery check the date of manufacturing. Donít purchase the battery which are older than 4-5 months. You should charge the battery for at least 3 hours a day when using laptop daily. Do not charge the battery daily when not in use because then you battery may be over charged and this can sometimes freeze your system. Do not install unwanted software when not in use because this might consume your processor speed and will affect the battery.

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    Re: Steps for laptop battery long life

    Steps for conserving battery:

    1. Optimize your power settings.
    2. Setting the computer to sleep mode of inactivity can prolong battery life.
    3. You should reduce your screen brightness it can cause your laptop battery last longer.
    4. If not using internet then turning the wireless devices can save power.
    5. In addition you should also have an updated anti-virus that optimizes your system.

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    Re: Steps for laptop battery long life

    A lithium ion battery has a lifetime of 2-3 years. With some care and precautions its lifetime can be increased. These are few steps:
    1. The adapter which you are using to charge the battery is an original one manufactured by company with the correct specification. A mismatch in the wattage can cause overload thus damaging the laptop.
    2. Always update your software and driver because these are provided so that your system is working in an efficient way.
    3. Avoid using laptop in the direct sunlight or inside the car.
    4. Keep the air vents regularly to operate it at lower temperature.
    5. Keep working on limited applications at a time.
    6. In the standby mode the hard drive and display turns off but memory is active so avoid using stand by mode.

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    Re: Steps for laptop battery long life

    Instructions to be followed when using laptop are:

    • Power off the speaker and try to avoid the use of multimedia software.
    • You should switch off the screensaver to maximize the life of battery.
    • Visit power option in the control panel which shut off components such as monitor, hard drive when not in use after specific interval.
    • Todayís operating system come with new look such as vista with ďAero glassĒ which should be avoided for the lifetime of the battery.
    • Charge your battery for a limited time. Overcharging can shorter the life of battery.

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