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Thread: Logitech G700 vs Performance MX vs Razer Mamba

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    Logitech G700 vs Performance MX vs Razer Mamba

    I am looking for a new mouse which would be mostly used for the gaming. But I am not a player who plays with his partner so there won't be much used of it like multi-player gaming. I have seen Logitech G700 which looks very much high tech so may be that won't be so easy to use. One more device on my mind is Logitech Performance MX or shall I go with Razer Mamba which also looks good.

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    Re: Logitech G700 vs Performance MX vs Razer Mamba

    I have seen many people complaining about the battery life of the Logitech G700 so you may not be happy to use this mouse if suppose it does not give support up to at least for one day. Still if you are not gonna use this mouse only for gaming then you must go for buying this mouse which would be great to use but keep in mind that if you play hardcore games then it won't be much useful for you.

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    Re: Logitech G700 vs Performance MX vs Razer Mamba

    Performance MX mouse desktop high-end manufacturer. It is beautiful, full of buttons pre-programmed and customizable. It is both wireless and wired (to use it even when it loads), the wheel is free to choose or notched and wireless USB connector is tiny. Last argument "shock" his type of sensor is Darkfield Laser. The mouse works well on glass. In the lot, there are things we love: the design, shape, numerous buttons, compatibility with glass. Special mention for the intelligent wheel and detachable cable. And, anyway, what scares us: the sensor displays features office, it operates at 125 Hz with a resolution can still ride a 1500 dpi.

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    Re: Logitech G700 vs Performance MX vs Razer Mamba

    For the sensor, Performance MX has the same advantages and disadvantages than the portable model with a less obvious use for the key. It is a standard size mouse is therefore targeted at a desk. Now you know many people who have a glass desk? According to Logitech, 40% of users would have a glass surface at home. That is probably true for the bowl in the kitchen but on which it is not really necessary to place a mouse. Moreover, even if there is glass desk, it will be just as stylish to put a mouse pad black design that fits the keyboard.

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    Re: Logitech G700 vs Performance MX vs Razer Mamba

    Razer has begun by looking for a solution that excludes the failure, at least extended. And this leads to an ingenious system whose complexity but also increase the price to peaks rising to 130 euros for the Mamba! Let us not forget that this is a mouse and it is not solid gold. It is really class and Razer has a knack of seducing the player by the looks and the side that is already beginning in exclusive packaging ultra-class. A sort of hard plastic square tower with a mouse who throne as the Queen of Sheba on a pedestal.

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    Re: Logitech G700 vs Performance MX vs Razer Mamba

    The Razer Mamba is equipped with a removable battery, you never know when unexpected destruction. To recharge, simply place the mouse on a pedestal, very classy too, black with plexi and edging the square shape as opposed to the curves of the mouse. One wonders if the designers Razer n'on not been training at Sony or Apple. The foundation says it is connected via USB to the computer. This is not to overcome the son on the desktop that you buy the Mamba because in the end a wire is less invasive than a cradle. No, it's for the freedom of not having a thread that influence the movements of the mouse in games. Communication is at 2.4 GHz and therefore there is no latency to fear. The mouse has a sync button but we have not had to use it because recognition was automatic.

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